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where should i set up to call

throwin brass

New member
Jul 19, 2003
Pfeifer, Kansas
wanting to get started in predator hunting, we have tons of yotes here in western kansas. i jus dont know where to start calling, i have an electronic caller i borrowed from a friend ill be using. also what time of year is best to hunt and what time of day. thanx yall.
Welcome aboard Throwin Brass. Best time to call?...anytime( you can't kill anything if you aint out trying
). Most productive time to call.....from daylight to about 9 AM generally speaking. I'm not sure what the terrain looks like where you live, but I bet there's someone on this board that can help answer the rest of your questions.

early morning and late evening are the best, if it is productive I will call on through the day. The best thing to do is to get out there an get to calling, rent or borrow or buy two videos, Coming to the call, Byron South, and Calling all coyotes, Randy Anderson. Both of these are a must see.

later pup