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Where are the Chukar Stories?


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Sep 11, 2003
T-bone, Ithaca and Idaho Ron, having chukar withdrawals, need more stories and pictures. I am going to be in Boise from 12/27 to 01/01. My friend Mike lives in Nampa and I am going up to hunt geese and chukars. Maybe, I'll have a story and pics of my own when I get back, Good Luck, JLG.
JLG, I took a friend out on Friday for quail. He'd never hunted them before. We hadn't even walked 50 yards from the truck when Scout got birdy and went into some thick brush. I whoa'd her and told Kirk to move around the other side of the trees and get ready. Well, he wasn't ready enough when 50 quail bombed outta there and flew all around him!
Poor guy was too shell shocked to shoot!

We chased after them and got into a few more covey's, too. Had some great points and saw lots of birds. He ended up getting a cramp in his leg that made it tough to walk, but with seven quail in his vest he was all excited and thinking about getting a pointing dog. He's got a seven year old lab that really doesn't seem to like to hunt.

I didn't shoot any quail because I want to save that spot to take a few other first time quail hunters to before the season is over and I want lots of birds there. Besides, sometimes I just get a big kick outta standing back and watching a new hunter get some shootin'!

I'd be out chasing chukars today if it wasn't pouring rain!

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I hope to get out Tuesday. Looking into the crystal ball, I predict a limit of chukars and mtn quail.

Where do you plan on going for chukars when in Idaho?

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The call is purely my friends. I think he said they are the Owyhee's. When I went two years ago, we hunted some coveys that he had run across on the way to his archery antelope hunt which was in southern Idaho just above Nevada. Specifics, I can't say, we only hunted chukars one day. I really want to hunt chukars. Mike knows this. I took my new F250 on a shake out cruise, Friday, did about 350 miles and average right at 18MPG's, can't wait to turn it toward Idaho the day after Christmas. Ithaca, thanks for sharing your quail story. I like taking out folks new to the sport too. I took a guy out for a dove hunt this afternoon, but the birds had tailed off quite a bit from last weekend and we only shot 5 all together. I felt bad because the guy doesn't seem to have a lot of luck when he goes out and I wanted him to have a productive hunt. He were a nice guy and I would hunt with him again. Keep the stories coming and Good Luck to all of you, JLG.
I spent a couple afternoons chasing the little buggars up, down, and around last week. Didn't find any but I was half bird hunting and half deer watching. I had fun this season though. If I'm going to do anymore it will have to be out west since my area is closed now.

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