When to take your kids hunting?


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Dec 23, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alerta
As the title says, when should you start to take your kids hunting?

We had our first kid this past July and decided that you are never too young to go hunting. And besides if the baby couldn't go hunting this year that meant that the wife couldn't go hunting this year:( Not a option.

So we put a plan into place that would give us a trip for a couple days of hunting for her and I would stay in the truck and entertain the little one.

As you can see the trip turned out well.

We started thursday morning and right off the bat we were into deer. Small whitey's nothing to get worried about. Checked out all the regular spots that we hunt every year and then got down to work.

Thursday night she decides that it is time to get serious and 2 quick shots later she has her first double with a muley doe and fawn laying on the ground.

We take care of them and then head to the hotel.

Friday morning dawns with a quick shot and her antlerless whitetail tag is used up and it is time to check out another spot for a whitetail buck. half hour later and this is task is finished.

Everything worked so well. It was almost like we planned it that way.

When the smoke finally cleared she had 4 empty brass and 4 filled tags.

And the best part, every deer dropped at the shot and we could get the truck into every spot (no dragging)

As for the rifle, this year she chose her left handed Ruger in 7 rem mag. Topped with a VX-III 3.5-10. And she was shooting 160 Triple shock bullets.

Note to self...under not circumstances get this girl mad, she will take you out.


the nikster

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May 4, 2005
I say that as soon as the parent feels safe.
Sometimes that is early as in your case. Sometimes it never happens.
Looks like you have enjoyed a lot of quality time as a family and also had some success-that makes you a winner in my book