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What's your favorite shot?


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Jul 27, 2003
Ejido Esqueda
I know it's part of the deal in predator hunting, we take the "best" shot we can, when it's presented, not hoping and waiting for our preferred shot setup. Anyone who enjoys bird hunting, has a "favorite" shot, be that coming straight in over the top, left to right, right to left or going away. Predator hunting is not bird hunting, but it's hunting; so whats your favorite shot, the one that unfolds just to your liking?
"Gentleman Jack" or "Jack Single Barrel" seem to do the trick for me.
Old Granddad 100 proof

Actually my favorite would be the coyote that's charging straight on in and when whooped at around 80 yds, takes that little 3 hop flair and stops broadside and looks right at you. Dead every time.

Mescal, it'll make you squirm like a worm. Actually, at night I like the old # 4 buck at about 20 yards, it knocks there ----- in the mud. Sometimes it kills em so well they get the old helicopter tail a spinning.

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Christ rich, if your gonna swill tequila; at least sip the good stuff. In an establishment where they serve good tequila,and the patrons appreciate it, they'd slap your ignorant ass for using salt or lime.A fine reposado is to be savored, not have the experience dashed by holding yer nose and licking salt...what a neophyte! Now ole Bruce....he knows how to pick a good shot
Silverbullet, neophyte?ignorant ass? my goodness. Wait till you see me mix Cuervo with coke. I'll have the paramedics stand by.
When I carried a rifle on stand my favorite shot was coyote standing about 20 yards out with all three receptors zeroed in on me. Crosshairs in the middle of right ear. Touch the trigger.
Since I only carry a camera now, my favorite is the one I have to wipe the smear off the lens when it's over.
A tequila snob, now THAT is hilarious!

JP4 and saguaro squeeze.
No offence Jet, but if your from VD you might need a shot of penicillin.

Back to the answer. I like the full on frontal.

coyote 10 steps and closing (#4 BUCK)

Or going straight away.

You can run, but you'll just die tired.

But I also like them broad side, standing still at 10 yards.

Big Bobcat

I do like a good shot of Crown Royal, or sippin Tequilla.

Good Huntin


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50 yards broadside with their head turned towards me. I don't like a shot much closer when I'm shooting the 22-250. Every once in a while I'll have a shot of wild turkey or substitute some good homemade polar water that a hillbilly I know cooks up.


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Hey Rich,

Here's another reason for you to come down and hunt with me this winter.

They have Cuervo Gold for $12 a bottle at the duty free store.

I pick one up for a friend every couple of weeks.
Tim, I'm going to take that as an invitation and jump on it. Here's something to think about, you offered a friendly competitive hunt to Leonard, whomever turned in the fewest buys dinner? I'm going to film a hunt with Leonard in southern Az. Sept 1st. How about filming a hunt with you the following weekend? This will appear on the 'masters' video and will provide an interesting angle.
Good gawd rich....sept 1st! the flys will carry you away, the heat will melt you, and the poor old coyotes still are not worthy of a photo op! It's just not cool and pretty enough to be hunting them yet in southern ought to wait till it's the right time, and have a memorable experience.
The second Saturday of each month, I go up to Tucson for a 1,000 yard Benchrest Match.

I've close to $500 riding in the back of brown vans right now, heading for my house to get me ready for the next match.

How about the next weekend?
BalaPlata, we call just about every weekend all year long. Sept 1st is just another weekend and Az. is beautiful all year long. A squirt of Deep Woods Off takes care of the flies and doesn't bother the coyotes.
No good for me the 20th. Bear season opens the 19th and I'm taking a three day weekend to hunt for them.

How's October look?
I was all set to describe my favorite shot; but kept scrolling back to Mules last thats the best shot Ive seen here! Way better watching those two predators bounce into the stand than any damned coyote
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