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Whats the Best seal for Danners ?


I'm not a big fan of Danners, but I treat my Meindl's with spray silicone. The Kiwi Camp Dry that comes in an aerosol can is the stuff I use. The only place I have found it at around here is the Sportsman's Warehouse. I thought Wally World might have it, but they didn't here in Mt Home.

Also, you may want to go to the Danner website and see what they recommend. If you end up having any warranty problems, they may not cover it if you have not treated the boots to manufacturer's specification.

Danner Waterproofing, D'oh!!

Actually I like Montana Blend Pitch with Beeswax....


Danner Accessories

Sportsman's Warehouse has them.

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I treat mine with snow seal. Set them out in the sun for a couple of hours, and let them get warm, wipe the down good with snow seal, then put them back out in the sun. That seems to make them waterproof, and soft.

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I use MT Pitchblend, or sno seal or mink oil, whatever I happen to grab, it all works. As long as you put something on them to keep the leather in good shape, the gore will keep your feet dry.
Moosie.....If they are the waterproof leather uppers, they are probably waterproofed via silicone impregnation, and if they are, you will only want to use a silicone based water-proofing product on them.....just to beef them up somewhat. If this is the case, you definitely don't want to use any of the oil or animal based products on them.

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synthetic spunk. You should have gallons by now from draining out of your blow up doll, from her cheating on you when your out hunting.
This is the best boot and leather preservative. Don't monkey with that other stuff. Made in Idaho:

"Firefighters' boots are often in steam, heat, wet ashes (lye), and caustic fire retardants -- literally baking the leather and cooking the boots in lye. Most leather and boot care products are only temporary water repellents or softeners claiming to "condition" leather. They slough off with flexing or light scufffing through brush, leaving leather dried and unprotected. None resist chemicals or heat which is what a firefighter really needs. Most contain chemicals, mink oil, or pine tar that cause irreparable damage to leather fibers."



I can't believe you guys put that other crap on your boots!

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Oscar, I haved owned 1 pair of Danner's for !!! 12 !!! years !!!!!!!!!!!!
I wore them ALL the time. I agree with the majority of the guys, All I ever used was Snow Seal. The biggest thing that kills leather is being wet and muddy. If you guys want your boots to last you have to be dedicated to keeping them clean and sealed. Now you guys might think that I never wore my Danner's much to have had them for 12 years... Well I bought them in Hoenfells Germany while I was in the Army in 1990 And yes they were constantly in the Field for 9 years. I do not ! buy any other boot.. Hope you enjoy them..
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Yeah, I'm getting a bit stir-crazy.
if the danners are gore-tex then you don`t need to water proof them its the gore-tex that makes them water proof not the sealer
280, That brings up another question. Do you really think Gore-tex boots stay waterproof? It seems to me that they start leaking after they get older. I suspect it's because the Gore-tex gets stretched and those tiny little microscopic holes get stretched out of shape and larger. What do you think? I've been using Gore-tex equipment since it was invented and I haven't always been impressed. I know some of the stuff I've used has leaked like a sieve.
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