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What's an oolu knife?

there are actually many different styles of ulu, each particular to a certain region or people. i am just getting used to mine, and it is definately faster than a conventional blade for me. skinned and quartered a smallish black bear in under 40 minutes ( on a rolling boat). i can't wait to try it on moose and caribou.
I got some, they're from the Ulu Factory in Anchorage. I saw some more authentic looking ones too, but they were a lot of money for a first one. Looks like a good vegetable chopper and pizza cutter too. Thanks.
Tom when I was in Anchorage two years ago I went to the factory outlet and bought them for $18.00 we saw them all though Alaska for $75.00 and up. We never have used it but at the time we thought we would. Bill

Big Moosie, my dad brought me one back from his and Moosie's Alaska trip. Wouldn't be without one anymore. Love it!