What ya getting your Deer with ?~?~?~?~


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
RIFLE, Muzzleloader, BOW, or Handgun.....

AND, What Grain, Caliber, brand... ECT ya Using....

I hunt Deer with my 300 IWN MAG (Same as My ELK GUN) .... ohhh And use a 180 GRAIN BULLET :eek: :eek:
Win. M70 stainless/synthetic
.300 Wby mag
180 gr Nosler Partition in Wby brand ammo

Same thing I use for elk, 'cause I usually have to hunt them at the same time.

I have been using a Pre `64 model 70 Win in 7mm mag for the last twenty years using mainly Win factory loaded ammo--150 and 175 gr sp`s and let me tell you from my experience this ammo DOES NOT let you down.Deer we shoot in AUSSIE get up to 700lb`s and require good ammo.I have used Nosler 150 gr Partitions on these deer and they perform well too,but i believe the Win factory ammo is all that i need for my deer hunting --you have to remember that there is no need for your deer rifle to be some sort of tackholeing super duper benchresting motha using max handloads.As long as you can comfortably put em into the end of a beer can at 150 yds factory ammo will do the job.I also use a .308 Norma Mag with 180gr sp`s as a second rifle and this calibre knocks them dead.I must add that on both deer rifles i have Leoupold 2x7 variables as i believe this power range to be the optimim in the cover our deer run in. :D :D :D
IF time permits, I will be chasing deer or elk with a .338 Win Mag Ruger M77 laminate & stainless. I'll be shooting 200gr. Win. Supreme Ballistic Silvertips. I don't know what this combo does to an animal, but it almost cuts a milk jug full of water in half!! :D
Well if im lucky enought to catch up to one,ill be using my
Ruger M 77 in a 270 with
130 gr. barnes XBT bullets hand loads (this rifle has been real picky as to what shoots good out of it )
topped with a leupold 2x7 scope
I guess im the lone wimp so far that likes a bit less kick then the monsters you all shoot :D :D
I don't think you're a wimp! I have a M70 in .270Win that I used to exclusively hunt with before I bought the .300 a couple of years ago. It killed 10 elk, a pile of deer, and a handful of antelope. I much prefer shooting it over the cannon! :D

I'll use the same gun I use for everything else--a Rem. 700 action custom built mountain rife about sixteen years old in .280 caliber with a handloaded 140 gr. Nosler partition. I'd switch to 160 gr. Noslers for elk or moose.
black powder......50 cal,260gr. sabbots

rifle...weatherby mark 5. 264 win mag 140gr.

i was also thinking of trying to get one with a 38 oz. baseball bat over a bait pile :D .........JB
I'll probably dig out my LH Savage M 110, chambered for 270 Win. with 150g Nosler Partitions in front of a load of H415. I'll also carry my Ruger Vaquero in 45 Colt in case a close shot presents itself. I use a 260 g Nosler Partition in front of a load of H li'l gun. :eek:
Starting Oct 6th....Bow 125gr broadheads

If Vipe lets me...Horton crossbow...125gr broadheads

also if feasible...muzzleloader .50 cal with 350 grain maxiballs powered by 90 grains of Pyrodex.

Nov 26th in Pa rifle...280Remington bullet grain yet to be determined.
Custom Remington 700 in .300 Weatherby with 180 gr Nosler Partitions, because I'll be hunting deer and elk at the same time. If I get a chance to hunt the small local deer, I'll use my .270 with 130 Hornady Interlocks.
In Wyoming I'll be using my Weatherby Mark V Lightweight Synthetic .280 Rem rechambered to .280 Rem A I with 139gr Hornady BTSP at 3160fps. A 3.5-10x40mm Leupold Vari-X III sits on top.
In Wisconsin I'll be using my 1977 vintage Marlin 1895 45/70 with 300gr Sierra Pro Hunter hollow points at 2170fps. A 1-4x20mm Leupold Vari-X II sits on top.
I'll be using my Remington Mdl. 725, .280 Rem., 139 gr. Hornady Interlock in front of 56.0 grs. IMR 4350, for deer.

When elk season opens, with deer season running concurrently in my zone, I'll switch to my Ruger 77, .338 Win. Mag. with my handload of 210 grs Nosler Partition in front of 78 grs of Norma MRP. Elk or deer, the 210 gr. Nosler Parttion will handle both.

Best of luck to all. L.W.
Custom Built 300 win mag, Rem 700 action, 27 1/2" Schneider S/S barrel - #5 1/2 contour, McMillan GP Graphite stock, Rem trigger set at 2 1/2 lbs, Badger Ord rings and bases, Schmidt & Bender 4 to 16 X 50 PM II scope, 180gr ballistic tips pushed at 3200 FPS. Have this rifle worked out to 750 yards - the furthest I can see in the field I hunt from the "Condo".

Ask Nut about the "Condo", he has been in it

I offered Nut the use of my 7mm mag with a Swarovski 2.5 to 10 X 42 scope, or a 280 Ackley Improved with a 1.5 to 6 X 42 Schmidt & Bender scope when he hunts with me this fall for deer.

No PINK Dress allowed, lol.
Have to wear blaze orange in PA :D


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