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What rifle for Elk?


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Nov 28, 2001
Chandler, Az
Well, I'm not sure if I should put this in the rifle section, but since this is Elk specific, I thought I'd start here.

A friend says I should get a .300 ultra mag, but after looking at the Wallyworld Catalog, it looks like a short mag.

Forgive my ignorance. I'm a wuss .270 deer hunter that's pretty happy with his prowess at this calibur, but I don't want to see a great animal and wound it. I want to put down my first Elk and not have to track it too far.

I would like some input on a good Elk knock downer! Thanks for your advice!
John, use the 270, two shots as fast as you can. This ought to get buzz bitchin'.don
John, your .270 will work just fine if you limit yourself to good shots. I've killed a couple handfuls of elk with one. But if you're looking for a new rifle that might be better suited, I'd go with a .30 or .33 caliber magnum cartridge. I think the .300 Win. Mag is great, as is the .338. I shoot a .300 Wby now, and would only hesitate to recommend it because of the cost of ammo. If you reload, it wouldn't be as bad, but if you reload, you could probably find a caliber that makes more sense.

Sorry John, Oak is right. Your 270 is ok. Our group shoots two Tikkas, a Sako, and a Wby, all in the 300 win mag. The two quick shots was a joke from the last time they talked about this and I've had a few too many beers. don
If you are happy and confident using your 270, use it. It has proved itself throughout the years and has ruined many an elk's day.
I have killed over 10 elk with a 30-06 only one took 2 shots, it was running knocked it down it got back up, shot placement [both lungs/orheart] are more important than say 270/30-06 but i have also seen the 7mm rem mag put them down, so just make a good shot and the 270 is no problem.
If you want a new gun, get any of the .300 mags or a .338. If not, use a tough bullet in your .270 and put the bullet where it counts. Pass up any "Texas heart shots."
I use my .300 Win mag for "general applications" but switch to my .350 Rem Mag for lodgepole timber hunting.....that being said, I've taken just as many with my 30-06 that I used for years than with those two combined and now I use a bow!

....I say use a quality bullet and shoot the weapon your most comfortable with
go with the 600 Nitro. i think it would be enough gun. This could also double as an antelope gun should the occasion arise. ;) :D

Nah, I have a 300 WinMAg that has performed flawlessly. Get something that you are comfortable shooting.
The 270 is a fine gun it will work fine! I've seen BIG ELK taken with a 243!I prefer my 45/70,loaded up to the nuts,and a 350gr bullet, but thats just my opinion!!
Any of them will put a bull down.
The .300 short mags have fairly mild recoil, and the guns weight less. The .300 Ultras weight & kick more, but push the same bullet 10% faster.
Remember, a .270 through the lungs is way better than a big magnum in the gut.
If you feel comfortable with the .270 load up some quality 150 or 160 grain bullets and go kill a bull.....

If you're looking for an excuse to buy a new rifle any of the 300 or 338 mags are potent.
Thanks for all of the great advice! Elkhunter, you have a great site! Thanks for the heads up Del! I'll probably stick with my ol faithful, but who knows, I could always use an early Christmas present to myself! LOL!

Thanks again guys!
John, ok you are a wuss. You have joined a great club. The wussy 270 shooter's club. I am a member, and my Daughter is a member. I have shot 14 elk total. My daughter has only got one. Her load is a wussy 130 hornady at 2800 fps. My load is a 140 hornady at 3000. Here is a couple of pictures of wussy elk killed with a wussy 270. My bull dropped in his tracks. Kasi's bull ran but not far. One shot each. Ron


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