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What light set up do you use for night time hunting?

uncle buck

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May 7, 2004
In Pennsylvania it is against the law to have a light attached to your gun. We can not use lazers and we can not use night vision scopes.

We have to use a hand held light. Now the hand held light can be operated by the caller for the shooter. Many people use a spot light that is first pointed on the horizon then dropped down until the bottom of the white light beam lights up the predator. The shooter then takes the shot.

I attach a shooting scope light to a 12 inch piece of broom handle and hold it under the shotgun forearm when it is time to shoot. Tough. you bet but it can be real sporting in PA. LOL

With scoped rifle I use a small AA Brinkman with a red lens on about 20 inches of broom handle. I light up the eyes of the fox then use my scoped rifle to shoot between the eyes. The more MM scope you use the better it gathers light. I use 40 MM on my 17 REM CF.

On real dark nights I have to light up the cross hairs on the scope.
I use a 200,000 cp hand held light with a red lense and plug it into one of those portable battery packs. I mainly night hunt with a shotgun so its not too tough to hold the light under the barrel and to the side with one hand and brace the shotgun on my forearm to shoot.
Thank You Doug for posting your method. I wish some of the other predator caller would post their night time shooting methods so we all could learn from them.

Maybe there is a young or a new predator hunter that will hang in there if they half know what they are doing out there.
uncle buck, I have home made red lights that go from red to amber ( so you can see what you're shooting at ) with the pull of a trigger. To hard to explane, but one of these days I'll take some pics and post them.
I don't tell people I hunt at night, only that I dig condo's on Federal, State, County land.. ;)
I'd love to see some pictures of your light set-ups. I know that what you are using is "light" years ahead of anything thats available in the stores. ;)
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