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What kind of dog do you hunt with?

Idaho Ron

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Dec 24, 2000
southern Id
I have two English springer spaniels. I have competed with both dogs in AKC hunt tests. My male just got his Master Hunter title. He is fully steady to wing shot and fall. For those that don't know that means at the flush he sits down and stays there until i send him for the retrieve. He is also able to do blind retrieves out to 150 yards.
My female is a great hunting dog as well and she earned her Junior title.
We hunt 8 different species of upland birds every year. Ron :D

do your ESSs do any waterfowl hunting?? sometimes we get into some jump shooting mallards, mergansers, woodys, gwteal, and the occassional farm pond geese?? mostly I do a ton of upland grouse hunting with the occasional pheasant and wood**** mixed in, plus if a bunny happens to be in the area...BANG!....early on in September we usually try to practice on dove as well....Im looking for a breed that will wear me out...and from what ive seen on a few brittanys im not fond of them at all....what can you tell me about your ESSs

thanks bro!

I have hunted with German Shorthaired Pointersfor the last 30 years. They tend to be a versitile breed. They do tend to dislike retrieving ducks and geese in below '0' weather.(not much as an icebreaker) :cool:
REDBEARD, I hunt a lot for watwerfowl. I put a vest on him if the temp goes below 30 degrees and he will be in a duck or goose blind.
go to
Then got to photos. I have pictures of my dogs in the waterfowl, spaniels, upland, and test and trials.
Here is a hunt for me. My dog works 30 yards at the very farthest. When he hits bird scent and starts tracking I can stop him if he gets too far out or I can let him flush. After he flushes the bird he sits and marks the fall and waits for me to send him for the retrieve this is steady to wing and shot. He is also line steady so he never busts on waterfowl duck or goose. Springers can handle geese and ducks well. they might not be as good in realy cold water. But when it is cold I put on his vest and he does fine. My female is a little smaller but she handles all birds well. My male will do blid retrieves out to 150 yards. My female will do them to about 75 yards. ESS are great dogs but they do need to be trained proper. This gives you plenty of controll. Ron
english springer spaniel, excellent on pheasants and grouse. he flushes the bird and if i hit it , he retrieves to hand. can't ask for much more.
Ron,or anyone,

great looking photos, I didnt realize ESSs were so much training goes into a dog such as yours, other than basic obedience training....Im new to this, and want to learn as much as possible about hunting breeds before I purchase something, so I can train it properly.....thanks for the help.....

A fully finished ESS is as fine a hunting dog as walks. To get a dog to steady to wing and shot is a lot of training. But to get a dog to hunt and be in controll is not that tough. It does take obedience, and birds.
ESS's can handle any hunting situation. Idaho has 9 species of upland birds. I hunt 8 species every year. If you saw the pictures you have sen that ESS can handle big ducks and geese. They are great dogs.
Here is a photo point site to see more dog and other pictures. Ron

Awesome pics! are a few questions.....first, where does a person start looking for this caliber of hunting dog...I mean...people tell you about all this pedigree, these long names of sires and dams...etc...etc...I mean...heck, where does a beginner start...and What kind of dog do you or anyone recommend for a first bird dog....I think I have an idea of what steady to wing and steady to shot are but, could you explain to me more about this....the bottom line is, Id be looking for a super energetic nosy as heck hunting partner that could keep up to me in the hills and streamside....for allday legsakimbo critter gettin.....thanks for the help. Your dogs seem Very Enthusiastic!

oh yeah, I almost forgot this....

last night my buddies buddy, went to pick his pup from a litter GSP, they are 4 weeks old and he said they are already pointing flies!!!! is that nuts!! or what!!

Sounds like you buddy is getting a good pup.
As far as a pedigree. The thing you look for is this. If a dog has a title AFTER his name it is a hunting title or field trial title. If the title is BEFORE the name it is a show dog. Like this,
"Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger MH"
This is my dog, the first part is his name. The MH stands for Master Hunter.
or "Annabell Joy Moss AFC" this is a field trial dog, AFC stands for amature field champion
If the dogs name looked like this.
"CH Woodrow Willis"
This dog is a Show dog.
The AKC web page will help you figure it out.
Steady to wing and shot is this.
The dog zig zags through the field this is quartering. When the dog flushes the bird the dog sits and stays untill the comand to retrieve is given to him. It is a thing of beauty to see a springer going balls out and flush a pheasant, Jump 4 feet in the air to tryu to catch it, and soon as he lands he sits down. I love to see a first timer see my dog in action.
As far as the best breed to start with. Your buddy is making a great choice with the GSP. If I were to get a pointer that would be it. ESS are the king of flushing dogs bar none.

thanks for the information.....will the pointing breeds, such as GSP, flush a bird as well, and when your ESS finds a bird or is "on one" how do you know....Ive only hunted behind a few dogs, and its apparent to me now that these dogs were not at all good at anything....except a few beagles, but thats a whole different discussion.....I guess I need to spend some time behind some different breeds that have actually had training and really hunt.....I cant wait to get a dog.....thanks again......
We've got some Elhew english pointers. They are sweet. Really do an excellent job. My brother had a GSP which was a really good job. She liked to be the one to find birds and if another dog it first she liked to try to creep up in front of it so she would be in front. I think it's so neat to hunt behind any dog that is well trained and knows what it is doing. A solid point, a steady stance, a good retrieve. They're incredible animals.

Monster Mulie Huntin' Foolie
A spaniel get very antimated and there whole arearance is one of intense search.
Too bad you don't live close I would gladly show you a finished hunting dog. Ron

if you ever come across what you believe is a great litter of pups, dont hesitate to contact me at [email protected] ...for now Im still going to do my research about what dog is right for me....I think right now I have it narrowed to..and in no particular order.....


maybe I'll get one of EACH!! Thanks again for the info....

I have a GWP/GSP mix thats 4 yrs. old.
He sure loves to hunt birds. Uplands and waterfowl. We live 4 lots from Lake Huron and he swims almost everyday that the lake is open. I also had a Bird hunting preserve 5 miles from the house and the owner allowed me to work Doc whenever the fields weren't being used.
Now Doc is a BIG dog and I am thinking of getting another dog to help out. I was thinking smaller than the 86 plus pounds we have now.
So many choices and too few square feet at my house.
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