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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
I am thinking about getting a bi pod for my .270 for mule deer so i can still hunt with my broken collar bone what do you guys think about it, i wouldn't be so pressed to hunt opening if the the first week wasn't the only week i could should any buck, i have 2 years of preparation going into shooting a big buck this year

So again do you think a bi-pod on my gun would help me get a big buck opening week?

Happy Hunting
I have a bi-pod attached to my Model 700 and I love it. I have shot four Mulies with it. I don't think I would use that shoulder though.
A bipod wont get you a big buck. It might make your shot a lot more accurate so you dont miss a big buck. I use a harris bipod and love it. I know i couldnt have pulled off a few shots i have made without it.

later, MM
The bi pod is't to get me the big buck, i know he is there i just need a little helping balancing since my shoulder is injured and i can't steady my rifle, thanks for the help though
How do you feel about shooting with your off hand? Might be better than risking more damage to the bum shoulder, but it would take a lot of practice.
I used to hate the look of a rifle with a bi-pod on it and thought the people usin'em were sissies who couldnt shoot and needed a crutch. I finally broke down and bought one and my god its like havin a bench wherever you go. Get a Harris, like a 12 to 27in, you can shoot prone or sitting. Helluva tool for only 60 bucks!!! 7.21
I take it that it is not your "shooting shoulder" side that is injured...so I would chance it myself.
You may not have time to set up for the shot, but nothing ventured = nothing gained.
Mini Moose,
Unless a rifle is a light weight "carry" rifle such as a carbine, I will always have a Harris bi-pod on my rifles. They're very light, so you don't notice carrying them and it helps to make your shot much more solid.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57
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