What do you do with weird antlers ?


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Jul 3, 2004
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This was made from a buck that dressed at 220#'s



I was on stand durring the rut and A friend saw this buck 2 days befor at his property about 3 miles away and could get aa shot on him , we are in a bow only area. He came chaseing this doe and ran by 2 times the 2nd time he was 25 yards out I yeild stop and he did LOL, died about 20 yards from my ATV I just bought the day befor. Good thing , as bad as my back is , there is no way I could have draged this brusser out by myself 3/4 mile.
I'll have to remember that. When a friend sees a buck. I hunt 2 miles away, park, get out, walk 25 yards, yell stop, then I get a neat buck and knife. Wow, what a deal!

You think it will work here?
Thats pretty cool that you make stuff from the antlers.
We keep all of our's, some hung up in the garage,some are in buckets.
A few have made it on the wall in the house.

The grandkids like to play with them and show them to friends.
Quite a few have been taken home with kids that dont have parents that hunt.
There moms are usually really impressed ;) LOL
Nice job on the knife, I use pieces of antlers all the time for making things. I get out the ol' Dremmel and go to work. It is really fun, I have made a number of needles, those are very interesting, pins for hair ties for my wife and assorted other things. My project I was working on yesterday was a mouth piece for a Ceramonial Pipe, and a pile of beads out of elk....

Keeps things moving on slow day's before fires... ;)
Heres an old trick my grandfather used to do. Soak the antler in vinager over night it will soften up and make it easier to work with. When done rinse it off and let it dry and its hard again.
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