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What do I need to get for Elkhunting?

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Dec 9, 2000
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Here is the deal, It looks like I will make TWO Archery Elkhunts next fall. One is along with friends to Colorado. This is a draw area, and they have had great success for the last 3 years running. This one is a drive-in maincamp (pay access) and spike in on foot.

The second is still up in the air, but it could be guided in MT. or self guided with a friend. If the self guided falls through, got any suggestions on an archery guide?

I have killed only 1 elk and it was rifle hunting and guided. Its a nice 6X6 and I understand calling from being around it for 5 days then.

I have pretty much EVERYTHING for deer hunting here in the south. I know I need this stuff and more I have not thought of yet..... or that you have not suggested yet!
Backpack and frame?
sleeping bag & Pad?

Ive got 8 months to get ready! HELP
What would you get?

My bow is fine from shooting deer.
I have a spotting scope and decent binos.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Topic: What do I need to get for Elkhunting?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

hahahaha.....a few weeks of vacation time and a few $$thousand bucks$$ should be all you need
An ATV would be nice

Seriously... Depending on where your hunting.. In AZ you dont need anything but a rifle /bow and a TAG.. You can drive to any spot and shoot an elk, there are roads everywhere...

When I hunted a few wilderness areas in CO. I took a alot of stuff I never used. We packed in on my friends horse's , and then on some other hunts we walked in...

Warm clothes I think would be a key, a few calls, A gps if you get lost easy, A map of the area.... If your driving up to a spot rather then flying. toss in a chain saw and coolers and a few other things.. It basically boils down to what you can be with out and dont mind not having....

Its really like deer hunting but your just after a much bigger animal....

in shape !!!!!! i know where you wanna go and its gonna take a whole lot of ass-in-yer-pants to get you there! trust me!!!

finals exams are over now JB so i can breath again! and i did talk to the boss!! so we will talk real soon!

GPS always handy! i never used mine though!
There are alot of variables. I'm not a professional hunter but, A survival kit is a must regardless. Extra batteries for the electronics, a good topo of the area, a trip to the area if you have never been there prior to the season if you can swing it, A strong pack frame, good Rope, Good boots, extra socks, Good bone saw, Knife sharpener, I always take a packable Gore-tex camo rain suit, If no guide, Knowledge of how to cape your critter if mounting, 2 big coolers, The list goes on and on. But, as I said it depends on what type of camp, guided or not, and so on. Oh I forgot, a great set of lungs, Ben-gay, and a stroke of great luck! Good friends help alot too!

Clothes for 10 degree weather
Clothes for 70 degree weather
Boots for cold
Boots or hikers for heat
Rain gear
Snow gear
Survival kit
Stong back, legs and lungs
And the list goes on and on........
dang Guys,

Im gonna need a HORSE to carry all those batteries and coolers


Let me know when you will be around and I'll give ya a call....need yor number and a time though email to > [email protected]

Now seriously, Which pack and frame should I get?
A bud is working on the GPS, even though I am not prone to getting lost at all.
Boots, got em.
Warm clothes> to be determined.
Calls: WHICH CALLS??????
Rain Suit: Which one do you like?
I have a cheapie and it is miserable,

like wet would be preferable

Any other suggestions?
HAHA.. Asking what you should have is an Impossible question. I'll tell you the top 3 things you need.


I think being healthy is the #1 thing to be when hunting Elk. LEMME tell you, nothing like getting mentally killed and give up then not being in shape. When it comes to the season, I'm never in the shape I should be... BUt most of us aren't.

2. Location.

NEED to be in the location of the elk or you can be healthy hikeing all over and still never see nothing.. Sounds Funny, but it's true.

3. GOOD Attitude

.. Uhhh NUF said on that
JB... I'm no expert by any means but I'll try to break down what little I know and do.

1st off, archery and rifle are 2 seperate things. For Rifle I know a bit more for that's what I've done....

It's usually colder in the Winter so I wear more cloths and LAyer them. Let's start at the feet. I wear a light pair of WOOLMIX socks and then a 2nd pair of thicker ones. I wear gortext waterproof boots.

For undergarments I wear a synthetic/gortex mix for the bottom half and a wool/synthetic mix for the top. I'll wear a pair of wool pants or water resistant type pants. For the top I'll wear a zipped up long sleeve hooded garment with a Wool vest on top. I also keep the Turtleneck piece for neck warmth or the ears warm.

I'll take a small backpack with me and Inside I'll have :

something to start a fire
extra ammo
game bag
topo's of the area
some energy food
GPS and a compass
blow up doll (THIS is just to see if you're reading the details

I also carry a digita Camcorder and tripod, but thats just me...

I like the internal frame pack for backpacking to a base camp or so but the FRAME pack works better for me. I know Weekend warrior and Greeny use that internal type frame pack but I think it messes up my shoulders if you ad any weight to it... Good for a day trip, I like the Frame pack for the haul out.

ON the GPS, the first time you say you don't get lost, you will !! I know guys like .. UHHH (ME
) that have hiked in an area before and get turned around when the fog settles in. And They/I been in the area 100 times before.. AND it will later in the season be foggy for sure !!! HELL, I've hunted with 2 guys at seperate times in Montana (NOT saying names
) that always get lost too... Leme tell ya, KNOW where the Fetch you are and USE a Gps if you're going far back in. I can't stress that enough, Matter of fact, ONE guy that hunted with me from Florida once.......

Asking about calls... HUMmmm I'm guessing you're talking about archery ? I would stick with the Priomo's LEAD COW CALL. It's a black pipe looking thing thats about 4"s long. It doesn't conceele like the mouth pieces but It is a consistant sound and easy to blow from the get go... Stick with COW calls mostly. I use a Terminator bugle but just for Locatiog elk. Most bulls want to Screw.. not fight *SMILE*.

On the Rain suit, I have a Cabelas quiet gear one. I think the combo cost like $250 or something. I ahve only used the pants like 2 times and haven't used them in a long time. I will stick to wool if it's cold and Wet and if it's warm figure I'll get wet Regardless so don't wear it. BUT, thats just me.....

I have the Compact Selfinflating BAckpack pad. It folds down to near nothing and weighs about the same. YOUR sleeping bag will varry on the time of year. I have a $200 -5 Deg down bag. But have never used it in the warm weather.

I see you say you have good optics.. DON't LIE *WINK* Good isn't good enough, get the best

Uhhhhh WHAT did I leave out ?!?!?!?
I'll go ahead an order the blow up doll and I'll just have to think about the rest for a day or two. Do they come in REDHEADS?

It turns out I got a Primos kit of 4 elk calls with video instructions from SANTA .... yeah he has already been here,
I guess he is starting in the South this year!
Water fitration bottle. Moosie says to take water, I suggest that you tke more than what he took and if you take snack foods, try your gorp before you set out.
OK, So far I have:
a blow up doll
water filter
sumpthin to skin'em with

Hey that is a GREAT Site you have Elkhunter!
More to come later but do I need a compressor to blow up the doll?
I am thinking that with all the huffing and puffing you will be doing just thinking about them dolls, that an air compressor won't be needed.

Good set of lungs and a strong back.
TAKE all the air that you'll be Exhaleing while hiking those hills to Blow up the doll..... After about the first 3,000 vertical feet you can blow up an Army of dolls
I think ya just need to go with MOOSIE. Then all ya need is your weapon, tag, and your own bag of gope(moosie's is at least two years old and rotten.
I been thinking about this, and for your first elk hunt I think you need to get yourself a pair of chest high waders, you know, like the duck hunters wear.
Cause once you start hanging out with elk hunters, you'll find yourself up to your waist in bullshit.
If your hunting with Moosie, just get a wet suit.
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