What are the odds?

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Feb 3, 2015
I didn't put this in the 2022 shed thread because I was actually turkey hunting. My brother and I had been set up calling for turkey and had 2 Jakes come in to the decoys. A Tom also was coming from a different direction. The Tom was met by the 2 Jakes and a fight ensued. Well the Jakes ran the Tom off messing up the hunt.
After a few hours we decided to move up in the direction the Tom went and hopefully call him up. During the move I was scanning the ground for deer antler sheds. I laid eyes on a pretty nice shed antler just a few feet away. I picked it up and we continued walking. My brother and I scooped up a couple more dink sheds while walking just a little ways. We walked about 100 yards and I looked down and saw a tine stand straight up on end. It looked like an antler was buried and part of a tine was sticking out of the ground but it wasn't. The broken tine was sticking straight up on the ground. I still haven't figured that one out. I didn't put two and two together at first but a little light came on. While standing there and placed the broken eye guard to the shed and all the jagged pieces lined up. So basically the buck probably broke off the eye guard during the November rut. He carried the antler until around March or so and shed it around 100 yards away from where he broke it. Then come April I am turkey hunting and stumble across both pieces within about 15 minutes.
What are the odds?
Oh and also two days later I drew a New Mexico pronghorn tag the first time applying. I think the same tag last year was 2.6% chance of a non resident drawing the same tag.


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Oct 23, 2012
SE Montana
Nice find. I have matched up broken pieces it about a half a dozen times, but never with a broken off piece that small. Last year I found the top half of an antler broken just above the browtine. A few months later I found the burr and browtine three miles away.

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