What all species can be hunted on the spring hunt???


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Dec 25, 2000
I would like to kill an Aoudad, and I noticed that they had one in the pic's. What's the scoop on them???????
There were 40 aoudad on this ranch years ago at $750 each. I've heard of maybe 5 being shot. They multiply, they eat the food, they are hard to get. Hence, they are free now to anyone who pays for a $180 hunt. They used to be $100 but people would look at the horns, try to decide, and they would be gone. They are not $750, not $100, they are free now. If you see an aoudad, shoot it!! Look at the horns later.

The species choices for the $180 hunt/lodging are Corsican, Haw.Black, Mouflon, Texas Dall, New Zealand mountain goat, or Rambo ram. These 6 are there regularly. Maybe 1 in a hundred are a 4 horn or Painted desert and if you see one of them, they are a choice also. The aoudad, hard to get, are a choice and are free. If you see a javelina, they can be the choice, but they may have moved out (I heard), we'll see when we get there if any have been seen lately. Varmints are also free.

If you see two of those that cost that you want to shoot, you can pay another $180 for the second one after the shot. Some animals are marked as described when we get there for $360 that were bigger when released from auction on the ranch. Some of the $180 ones have been there a long time and are big too. If you are there and you see an aoudad, shoot it, shoot two, they are free and they are probably big.

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Is it a one day hunt for $180???? I have missed all of the previous discussion.

How big is the ranch????
Crossbow is legal and permitted here for exotics. Make sure your broadheads are sharp. A regular hunter shot a $1200 axis recently on Thompson's other ranch and they lost it until the circling vultures found it dead. He gets a skull mount now but lost the great meat and hide. The size of the ranch is one mile by one mile, a section. Except if you flatten out all the hills its 1.5 times bigger. Except with the thick trees, you just see legs in there if anything. The blinds are most productive and there are a few canyons to sweep or walk. We could do small drives with a few of us in the canyons but not drive the whole ranch. A drive that big would be hard to do safely for us and for the animals and for the ranch. Those little walkie talkie things are legal too. If a bunch of us have those, we could bring them and call to each other when different animals show up at neighboring blinds. We might help each other get what we want that way.

You can hunt from 12 noon until dark on friday on your own. Saturday morning and afternoon, we can hunt by being taken to a blind or a few can walk a canyon. Then sunday morning the remaining hunters are taken to a blind or walk a canyon. It ends at 12 noon on sunday. If you don't shoot, its $100 total, if you shoot one of each its at least $180 times however many you shoot, except aoudads and varmints are free.

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