What age to be a millionaire?

At What Age Did Your Net Worth Exceed $1MM

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    Votes: 12 6.3%
  • 20's

    Votes: 8 4.2%
  • 30's

    Votes: 39 20.4%
  • 40's

    Votes: 42 22.0%
  • 50's

    Votes: 14 7.3%
  • 60+

    Votes: 3 1.6%
  • Still Hammering

    Votes: 73 38.2%

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For reference, I have 3 credit cards. I just checked rewards on one of them, and I have earned more than $3,000 in rewards on it since I opened it up in 2020.

I've never carried a balance on any of them.
In 2023, we received $1547.24 in Amazon credit for the Amazon card we use on everything.

Thank you states for making us float the tag fees, 10s of thousands of dollars on the card, paid off and then returned. With the perk of getting cash back from them.
I have lots of issues, one being I can't wait for my monthly statement. I check my account weekly and just pay pay it electronically plus a few bucks. Not unusual to be in the black on my CC statement. :p Like I said, issues. 🤷‍♂️
I'm the same with my biz credit card; a couple of years ago I needed to pay for something for my client and I needed every single cent of available credit for it... decided to start doing it weekly after that
Alright enough of this. Let’s quit talking about it and be about it.

Post those statements so we sort out the privileged!


I’ve had three conversations with people with good credit tell me they never pay for airfare by using CCs to earn points. They pay off the cards every month. Demographics of the people are similar and I believe they are paying off the cards.

I don’t use CCs so I was a little stunned. Am I missing a perk I should chase or to hell with CCs? I haven’t run out to get a perk CC yet nor had the conversation with my wife.

Yes, you are missing a perk. Hell, you have a leg up on the long time CC holders because there are often big intro bonuses to signing up for a new card that is equal to a lot of spending on a card. There's a lot out there on CC "hacks" where people sign up for credit cards largely for the intro bonuses use the min amount needed for such bonuses, cash in, and before long cancel the card and open another one with a good intro bonus. So i'd look for options that are using bonuses to attract new card holders as much as I would just how points work once they already got you.

I have friends that have had a lot of flights and vacations paid for by such hacks without even spending that much $ on a card. Yes, opening/closing accounts can cause little hits to your credit score but one friend in particular who has done this still has an 800+ credit score so the little hits dont seem to stick around long.

but for every person that didn't that makes 250k there

but for every person that didn't that makes 250k there are far more than 1000 that won't break 80k.

A top 1% college grad makes $470k a top 1% HS grad makes $200,006

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Looking at the averages for HS/vocational vs bachelors. What would the value be of not having any student debt Plus an additional 4 more years of earning money and contributing to your retirement in your 20's? I know it certainly doesn't close that gap but it's something to consider.
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