Welcome trapper1


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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
Welcome to hunt talk trapper1. Why don't you pull up a chair and tell us a trapping story.

Hi trapper1. Yes, please do tell a trapping story. That is one thing I find so fascinating. It seems so complicated to me.

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Welcome,, Welcome trapper1

Glad to see a fellow trapper here at Moosies, Hope you stick around and shair your stories.

Hello and Thanks for the warm welcome.. As you all must know I am new here but my brother who is in Arizona and is an avid quail over dog hunter told me of this place. He said there was a bit of rancher bashing going on and I should perhaps show another side. I am in Nevada and trap Pocket Gophers, Ground Squirrels as well as coyotes and Bobcats in the winter. I am a miner by trade but I do get paid from a few ranchers for the Varmit control. Glad to be here..

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Welcome to HuntTalk!! I was just in Elko on Thursday. How do ya like it there?? Plenty of public land there to do trapping and shooting probably make it a pretty nice place to live.