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2023/2024 Trapping Thread

Like most I’m anxious to get traps out in the spring. Most of the spots are too ice covered still but managed 6 traps set. In a bout a week we should be ice free and prime time

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I really struggle to catch them at the top of the dam. Always a kit beaver seems like. Curious why you didn’t put it at the bottom in the fast water. Looks narrow. Too deep?
I really struggle to catch them at the top of the dam. Always a kit beaver seems like. Curious why you didn’t put it at the bottom in the fast water. Looks narrow. Too deep?
I have never had that issue before. The water was really booming. Sometimes on a real busy pond I’ll set the top and bottom of the crossover. Normally I don’t set dam crossovers till the water settles down. For now I’ll set the crossover but as soon as it becomes ice free I’ll switch all my 330’s to castor mounds and throw 220’s on the crossover for otters. The really good crossover was on the far side of the dam but I can’t get there without drowning
24 coyotes and 1 beaver headed to FHA tomorrow. Debated holding the beaver to sell to GFW on the 19th but the ice is taking forever to leave so I might not get enough beavers to even warrant them drive to see him the 19th.
Yesterdays catch. Set a 220 on a dam crossover where I figured most likely wouldn’t be any beavers. The smaller beaver is the one I think I educated by forgetting a safety on my 330 as he was in the same spot but none of the traps were disturbed. He may have been wise to traps but he wasn’t to a 17. Going to try and get my last 8 traps out tomorrow and move a few to new locations. Then it looks like it supposed to snow and freeze up for a couple days starting Monday.

No pictures as I had to move my drying beavers inside as it started to rain so all of a sudden I have 13 beavers laying on my garage floor. Shot three last night and trapped four this morning. Brings me up to 25. Which is half way to my goal and the two year olds haven’t even started running very good yet. Unfortunately we have a snow storm and freezing temps moving in so they will really slow the catch till it starts to warm up Saturday
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I think it’s time for the annual trapping thread!

I got a call from a farmer a couple weeks ago that needed help with some beavers. I finally found time to set some traps last week on Friday and on Saturday my son and my nephew came along to help me do the first check.

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Sunday I did another check with my two kiddos. No photos because the only thing that found it’s way into a trap were the 4 fingers of my right hand into a 330.

Today I did another check. My dam breaks from Sunday went un-repaired and no beavers trapped. My bet is that I got them all that first night. The farmer was happy and I left with a box of burger and steaks. I did pick up a nice bonus otter as I was pulling traps. Overall a pleasant way to start the trapping season.

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My neighbor has a couple beaver that need trapping so I may get those in the next few weeks as I find time. He also just restocked a pond with fish that the otters cleaned out last year, so the kids and I will try our best to protect it. In December I’ll head up north with the family for, what has become, our annual marten trip.

Let’s see those trapping photos and hear some stories!
Not a trapper, but those kids had fun for sure
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