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Weird Year...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
HElp a Brotha OUT !!!! I'm not fired up yet for Hunting elk... I am gonig to share a hunt with 2 guys from the board here and Am Looknig foward to them hunting but I'm not fired up yet.... AM I loosing the Passion ?!?! Is it too Early ? Am I thinknig ofother stuff ?!?!?! WTF ?!?! Usually this time of year I'm Bugleing to my neighbors

DEAD ABBY, Whats wrong ?!?!?
Hey ya deprived loser...get up into the hills and get looking at the elk...I went from October to June without seeing one but once I saw them I got fired up again. Give it a try and it will get you ready for elk season, especially if you see a bull or two or three or four or you get the picture!!
Dear Passionless

You have too many things going on at same time to be focused on elk as of yet. There is that Alaska trip in a month and you have been planning a waterfowl hunt in January.

The passion will be there once you hit the mountains for elk.

This is from someone who has never seen a wild elk with his own eyes also.
Dear Moosie:
Never fear as your passion for bugeling is near.
You're kicking back when life is dull, getting ready, for the next step to becoming a wise old bull.
No sense in rushing thru the woods and the sticks, wondering what the f--k is up with those little chicks.
The trick to the fever is never more clear,knowing the season is ever so near.
I'll open the key to the bugle shop store, feel free to stop in and get bugels galore.
Once your holding the bugels galore,
you'll be sure to catch the fever once more. Hell who knows, you may even get real lucky and score.
Well I'm getting fired up now....we are going back in the Middlefork for the 3rd straight year to the same place. I feel like I'm really getting more comfortable hunting back in there. Took 3 bulls & a bear out last year. In fact...just unpacked the gear last nite and laid every thing out so that I can see what new stuff I can blow my wifes money on.

We are tripping all over elk here, Nut. Don't feel bad, I have never seen a live possum myself.

Really crappy here. First year since 97 we aren't going elk hunting. We did apply and get a point for next year.
Another downer, one of the guys in our group did himself in over money. Didn't know him that well,(boss of one of our friends that goes every year). No one seen it coming. Left behind a wife and three kids. don
Hate to here of things like that. Life may be bad some times but not as bad as it is for his family that he left behind.

I'm really looking forward to my first Elk hunt ever, not really knowing what to except but really looking forward to getting in those mountains and be with friends whom I've ever met before. But really can't weight to get there. Also wishing my old friend Flipper could make it out there since he was the one that got all this set up in the first place. It want be the same without him there.
YAH.. I think the Seasonm is just creapin' up on me is all.... Usually have less of a busy summer and more time to sit around daydreamin'

I pulled out the OL Terminator Tube and Shouted down the road. NO replies yet... It shouldn't be but a few more weeks though. Usually I'll scream a bugle down the road in the evening.. Wait about 5-10 mins.. ANd get a respond. I'll answer right back and there is 2 other hunters in the near by neighborhood that likes to talk to the 3 guys on our block that bugel... It was kind of funny the first time !!!

Anyways, I see the guys driving in the Morning blowing on tubes and calls. LAter I'll see the LAnyards with goose/ duck calls..... AHHH MAN I LOVE IDAHO !!!

Roadtrip... Good luck to ya again.. Are we ever going to meet when you're flying through here ?!?!?
I figured that Moosie needed some spike pictures to get him motivated.
The elk are starting to rub.
They should be in the rut by then.
And I forgot to say ...thanks for the photos!

Hey I asked Mike if he needed anything from the beach, He said bring him a blond with big
Do you guys like shrimp?
They are in season here now!
Hey I asked Mike if he needed anything from the beach, He said bring him a blond with big

Just bring whatever you find laying around on the beach.
I had crabs last year,

No I think they were lobsters.

Go ahead and bring your momma we'll set an extra stump around the campfire.