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Feb 25, 2007
Gaithersburg Md
Jarrod my 2nd son runs the furniture restoration side of the shop. He been getting a name for himself. 1st meet he ever went to he got Top Shot with his old 870 pump 12 gauge. Amoungest snickers from the peanut gallery of big money guys down in horse hunt country in Va.
Jarrod: PA. Shoot
Had a team shoot at the Orvis pro shop New Carrollton course. It was amazing. Great weather and a nice breeze was blowing. It made the course even more challenging with the clays reacting to the wind. Being on the top of a mountain side it was some cool views.
Had coffee and donuts for breakfast. For after the shoot lunch they had BBQ pork, fried chicken macaroni and cheese, salad, homemade baked beans, cornbread, and I had brownies. It took me a station to get warmed up and I was a little nervous. Team support and keeping my mind focused got me on track and from the second station and on I was on point. I did have one more troubled station but I was in my head and not doing what I do best which is Shoot with instinct. I would have to say The second to last station was in my opinion the most challenging and my favorite. It had a right to left screamer clay that hit max hight 8 feet. The sun was above us and the clay passed right below the tree line and you couldn't see it until it turned to show its face and by that time it was already there and leaving. I was actually surprised I shot that station clean.
All in all. I shot 88/100 and fried the course. Walked away with top shot. No ribbons or anything, so I'm keeping the envelope that says top shot on it as my plaque. Lol
We have another competition coming up first week of October so stay tuned.
I hope yall enjoy the pictures and videos. I'm sorry I didn't get any view shots Eventually I might find someone to be a helper because I miss half of it because of staying focused.


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