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Weekend scouting pics


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Jul 7, 2001
Well, I spent a couple of days scouting for Mr. Big. I tromped around some of the roughest country I could find, but did not see many deer and no decent ones. I did run into some big horn sheep and a nice 6-point elk shed.

I think once the road hunters start hitting it hard I may be able to find something in this area.

The best bucks I did locate were not in the area I plan to hunt, but if they area still around in 6 weeks I may change my plans.

Here is a decent buck I put the sneak on in a CRP field. He is no monster, but I would probably throw an arrow at him given the chance. I got to 50 yards before he started to get a little nervous. I think he would have calmed down if I would have stayed low, but I was getting sore and had to sit up to get a decent pic. Note to anyone as dumb as I am--don't wear shorts while belly crawling in a CRP field (well, not unless he is a lot bigger than this guy).


I saw these four as I was headed to chase some grouse this morning. I know it is not the greatest picture, but these were some nice bucks. Before I got the camera rolling I took a quick look through the binos. I about crapped myself when I thought the one had 8-10" double drop tines. Unfortunately, then he started trotting, I noticed it was just some stripped velvet.

I snapped a quick picture and then switched to the still mode on the camera. These guys are a long way from home, but I might have to look for one of them next weekend. Hopefully one will dumb enough to let me get close.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
A program, created in the Food Security Act of 1985, to retire from production up to 45 million acres of highly erodible and environmentally sensitive farmland. Landowners who sign contracts agree to keep retired lands in approved conserving uses for 10-15 years. In exchange, the landowner receives an annual rental payment, cost-share payments to establish permanent vegetative cover and technical assistance. The CRP reportedly has reduced erosion by up to 700 million tons per year. The FAIR Act of 1996 extends authorization to enroll land through 2002 and caps maximum CRP acreage at 36.4 million acres, its 1995 level. The Act also makes the program spending mandatory and finances it through the Commodity Credit Corporation.
Those look to be some dandy's that would be great to put the beed on in a few more weeks...Thanks Craig!!!
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