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Dec 11, 2000
Steve and I both got a deer.
Not the big boys we were looking for :( :(
but I guess that would take some better holding out then I have in me LOL
I didnt shoot the first legal one I saw this time :D but I did get the second one.
I think I will always be a meat hunter first.
We had a great time ,saw some new country,hiked our butts off.
Had a bear growling at us ( I thought I was going to fill a bear tag )LOL No go on that one.
I got a 2X3 and Steve got a 2x2.
Now its cut and wrap time

:D :D
glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!.....where's the pics at?.....JB
Congrats to both of you

Now the work begins, cutting and wrapping :D
but glad you got your meat for the winter ;)
DEB.. TELL Santa that I'm going to Change his NAme to... 2x (TWO BY.... :D :D)

CONGRATS !!!!! I though Soda area only produced 4 popints :rolleyes: ..HEhehe At least thats what I've heard..... MAybe y'allses were IMPLANTS ?!?!?! ;)

I shot me a LITTLE 3x myself.... 20" spread. Wil have story and Pics tomorrow !!!!!
Good to hear you boys going well with the hunting---but for the guys down under we dont know what species you are into at such and such times so what did you shoot W-Tail or Mulies?Thanks boys (and Girls)

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Sambar,steve myself and moosie were hunting muledeer.
hey moosie I thought thats what came out of that place also but------------we saw no one with anything bigger then a small 4x4 :D
Thats the way it goes,we tried to follow the local boys into there hunny hole but they lost us HaHaHa
We did have a good time,and will be back doing some more scoting around,its a hugh unit.
I got a 20 incher too hehehe 10 wide x 10 tall does that count ;)
WTG, MD4M and Steve! Now how about some pictures and all the details?


That is awesome, I am glad you had such a good time. I can't wait for more details. My elk tag is lonely, nothing to attach it to. But that is ok. You can't always fill all the time. I got did get to personally show my new rifle A LOT of beautiful rugged country! :D ;)

I did get a buck opening weekend, though. So no smell of Pepe Le Pew! I still need to develop film, so I will be able to share pictures of my 'huge' buck! :rolleyes: ;)

Can't wait to get together with the two of you and hear about your adventures!
Your on Wylee ,and a pizza to? LOL
I wish there was a good story but I wacked mine close to the road :D :D :D right near last light, NOT AT DARK read NOT AT DARK LOL,Steve got some fast pictures then told me I had better get to cleaning fast,talk about a hack & slash job :eek: :eek: lucky for Steve I can field dress a deer faster then he can and we were back at the truck in no time.
We were heading out all packed up to go to another spot.We tossed the buck in the truck then found a little camp ground by a lake so we pulled in and I skinned and and finished cleaning him up.LOL
We used the game pole Steve had built and hid the truck behind the trailer hoping no one would see we had a deer hung up in a camp ground.
So then we spent the night and headed home the next day.Droped the deer off at home and headed out again. We made it to pine pulled into a campground as it was now 1:am.
As we were pulling out the next morn Steve hit a boulder with one wheel of the trailer LOL launched that puppy right in the air. (Steve was not a happy camper)It didnt bother me to much ----------untill I looked inside the trailer :eek: :eek: :eek: the doors to the fridge and cabnets had came open and we had stuff all over the place.
It bent the axel ,Steve took the tire off and chained up the axel and we limped it home.
40 miles an hr. from mt. home to meridian
good thing Steve and I kinda like each other or one of us wouldnt of made it.Hehehe
Steve ended up going out with our sun and getting a deer on sat.
Breezy,just read your post YOU GOT ONE?
Sooooo cool I want to see pictures .
How big? Where were you guys.
Better call me soon :D :D :D
And pizza too, LOL ;) :D

I will be in touch, I wasn't just off the road :( and I hope the pictures come out to prove it! :D

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