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Nov 28, 2001
Any one that hunts antalope tell me the answer to this one?
What vocalization or call can help bowhunters bring pronghorn anteloe closer to them?
1. alarm snort
2. buck grunt
3. doe bleat
4. predator call
The answer in the book show's #1 as the answer. I've just started chasing the little goats a couple years ago and didn't get the op. to hunt them last year. So I'm going to give it a try. I want to put a little speed demon in my freezer.
I cant say I have alot of experence but I shot a buck that Steve called in for me.
He was standing about 500yards out with about
10 does.
We worked up a little ravine thinking we could get closer ,but it ran out & we were left pretty much in the open.They saw us and started to mill around so Steve hit the challange call, That buck left the does so fast and came charging in looking for a fight.(It reminded us of calling in a coyote)
He got to about 100 yards when he stopped to look around,but was standing behind a sage brush,so Steve hit the call again ,he moved in to 70 yards looking at us.(easy rifle shot not at all what I was expecting on a antelpoe hunt,I had been shooting at longer ranges)LOL
As soon as Steve hit the call the first time we saw him drop his head and run for us ,we both hit the ground and I was already set up to take a shot.
It happened so fast we were both taken by suprize.
The thing that was odd was that all the does stayed milling around waiting.
We tryed it on other bucks that same hunt, but as soon as the buck would leave to go to the call the does would leave & the buck would then run after them.
We did get the call to work last year ,but we were Bow hunting and just didn't get them into good bow range.
We have had smaller bucks & does come into the other sounds.
They sure do some strange things.
I was on my ATV riding down a road when this buck came running up from behind me ,put it in high gear (the buck did) :D ran in front of me and ducked under a fence ,he looked like a someone slidding into a base ,but his horns got cought and his body kept on sliding.
When his body stopped he was on his back his horns still stuck with all his legs in the air,then he flipped himself over and started shaking his head to get his horns loose.
Once loose he took off at a run ,then stopped & looked back ,just walked off.