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Varmit Hunter

Into the second week of the experiential meds. Will take four weeks to work up to the full dose.

Some tough side effects. I am beginning to see some good coming out of it. No longer having the chest muscles locking up, And having to fight for every breath. This stuff is so strong is has me digging around for old grateful dead albums.

It is so hot, And I am to weak to make any stands now. So I am doing a lot of plotting a scheming.

It doe's me a world of good to know just how much caring, And good thoughts I have working for me through all the wonderful folks here. It is deeply appreciated.

Thanks to all
VH,you are in my prayers every morning.I hope that medicine does what it's supposed to,and you get to pursue ol' Wile e. Coyote again real soon.

It is a scorcher here too,but nothing like it is there. There are trees all over my part of the country,which makes it nice and shady mostly.Sometimes you can actually cool off here by going outside and sitting under a shade tree.Although we've had way too much rain,it's nice after it's been hot when a cool rain shower comes along for about 15 minutes and cools everything down.

I have found keepind a cool,damp washrag around helps a lot too.
Hey Ronnie
I ain't on no drugs and I still like the Grateful Dead.
Get plenty of rest while its to hot to hunt. Them doctors will get you straightened out. Can't wait to get together and snipe some hogs and dogs.

Talk to you soon. Your in our prayers.


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