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Utah Moose


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May 7, 2002
I finally drew out for a cow Moose after putting in for years. I drew out for Unit 930-05. (Boundary begins at the junction of I-80 and I-84 at Echo; then west on I-80 to the Salt Lake-Summit county line at Parley's summit; north along this county line to the Salt Lake-Morgan county line; north along this county line to the Morgan-Davis county line; north along this county line to I-84; east on I-84 to I-80 at Echo Junction. )

I am been out 5 times over the past 3 weeks scouting. I have found a lot of Moose but most are on private ground. I do have a few small areas. But I was wondering if there are any land owners that would be willing to allow me access. I am willing to pay a reasonable trespass fee or 1/4 of the cut and wrapped meat. I am willing to take it with Rife or Bow, if the land owner has a preference.

Anyone here have a East Canyon Resort time share, ground around Jeremy Ranch, Hennifer, Morgan, Echo?

Mmmm, Bullwinkle burgers.....!
Kodiak, Although I usually don't say nice things about Monstermulies try going to there :

go tot the goat,sheep and Moose sectino and post your Delema. That board is Full of Utard's ;)

Good luck on the hunt, I'm excited for you. You need to take ictures and Have us a Good story for the hunt. Looking foward to reading it !!!
I drive through that country on a regular basis, but haven't seen any moose this year. If it was near Randolph I could help out more as I got within 30yds of this bull:


I'll let you know if I see anything.
How do you post pictures on this site without using another site? I have some good pictures of a monster Moose taken in Russia. They may have already been posted but you never know.
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