Uncle’s 2021 Wyoming Bull


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Apr 30, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
These days I seem to have more fun helping others harvest rather than doing so myself, especially when it is family and a very meaningful tag for them.

This year I took time to go out and help my uncle with his type 1 Wyoming elk hunt. He found this bull 5 days into his archery hunt there but then lost it for 5 days. I found it my second day there (the 29th of September) and we were able to keep finding him the next couple hunts. The evening of the 30th, we spotted him moving down a creek bottom and decided that we would try and get even with him by cruising down a ridge parallel. We went almost a mile and peeked over the edge, where I caught the movement of his cows feeding at 60 yards in the PJ below. We backed off, moved down the ridge 80 yards to get the wind perfect when I heard rocks tumbling as an elk walked right to us. When the bull got within 10 yards he caught me moving trying to get my uncle to a shooting position. He wheeled, we hammered on the cow call a couple times, he went over the ridge and 40 yards and stopped broadside where my uncle was able to run to the top of the ridge and center punch him with the bow. There was very little blood (but very bright), and after 200 yards we were dry tracking. I turned the corner on a big pinyon to see him laying there 5 feet away, stone dead. I whistled my uncle over and we just sat there staring for 10 minutes speechless. This is the biggest bull our family has ever killed and we did it with a bow the last day of season. Incredible and emotional experience that we will never forget.

Rough score 371 flat 34F12DEB-9FB9-44A3-9F85-FF69590617A7.jpeg DDFFAB1E-7821-4FDC-A75A-2E9F8D8AA05C.jpeg 3EC46050-8221-40C4-AC59-7ADABF040124.jpeg 6D4051B6-AD6C-49F0-B975-BC63B2F6F06F.jpeg 23D7851F-9726-45C3-98BA-8B644A0D22DF.jpeg 5FB7EFA0-6F37-4457-B75F-E93626F90245.jpeg BCE42FF6-61FB-454B-A6CD-E7B4C52ABCB9.jpeg B6799AED-6C4F-4709-B2D4-D3BD33DB2A5E.jpeg


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Dec 13, 2020
Outstanding bull. I also seem to get more out of helping others. That is a great bull and you all made memories that you’ll never forget. Congrats to you all.


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Jan 28, 2021
Awesome bull! I also get a kick out of helping guys. Watching folks melt when a bull screams in their face the first time🥴 never gets old.

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