Two weeks from Friday....


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Dec 10, 2000
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Well, who says internet friendships don't last? On the 11th, I'll have the Silverado loaded and headed West for my second elk hunt with 'ol DS! Not sure exactly where we'll be camped but I'm confident we'll be getting into 'em early and often.

The timing will allow us to scout for a couple days before the season opens so we'll have a good idea of exactly where we want to be set up on opening morning. I can almost taste the gumbo as I write this.

Can't wait, Brother! I'ts gonna be on like a mug!
Two weeks for me and ill have the camper on the silverado and heading up north to deer hunt here in Washington. Cant wait. Then two weeks after that I will be doing it again except for elk season.
Be sure to get that big guy that DS has tied to a tree for ya! Good luck, all! You'll have your bull bagged and tagged while I am still drooling over the rest of y'alls pictures!
I'll sure try Cali! I know DS is fixin' to put my a$$ through the paces, that's for sure! With a few days to scout and get acclimated before the season opens and all the scouting he and Buzz have up until this time, I'm sure he'll just we need to be come first light on opening morning!
1 week from Fri I'm doing a solo backpack trip in for 3 days After deer
BUT, I'll be driving to the spot that I stat hiking in at with my Silverado

INDY ... Good luck to ya !!!!
Sounds like folks are getting antsy!.......lots of tags burning holes in pockets about now! ;) too late to book a quality truck hunt ya know.....I could give ya some names ;)

.....but on second thought......the time we'll have in the mountains BSing and chasin' after bulls will be priceless!

The horses just got new shoes yesterday...$160! :eek: ..(hell, my kids shoes only cost $140! ;))...and their itchin' for a crack at the mountains as well!

It'll be here before you know it friend...and we'll leave it all on the mountain, that's for sure! :cool: DS
You're right about that DS... camp will be full of tales, some tall, some small, and some about a full curl dall!

Can't wait... like we discussed, I should be pullin' out of Indy Friday morning early. I'll have some business along the way but should be in Peoria, IL by about 2:00pm. That just gives me Iowa and Nebraska to tackle by sun up! Some coffee, a little Merle and some trucker sppeed and I'll be ready!

We'll need to figure out where to hook up but I figure I'll call you when I hit the Wyoming line. We should then hit Riverside about the same time. Ready for a shot of Moose Piss and an In Heat Wheat in a frosty mug!

I'll be loaded for bear to brother... even gonna bring some tow straps this year, just in case! Let's put together a list of shit you need me to bring too...

Good luck to everyone, 'tis the season to kill elky!
Good luck to ya guys.Hope you have a successful hunt.
I'll be heading into my sweet spot for deer season here in a couple weeks,for a 3 day hunt.Hope it pans out for us this time again.Then heading for elk a couple weeks later for 9 days.
Good luck guys :D
Good luck Kraven!

Yeah.I hate that Dan!......but no way in hell I ain't spending a week with both of you phuckers this year! two are about as good as I have shared a camp with, and I wouldn't shit ya on that!

Indy.the short list of what you need to bring goes something like this....
#1..your ass
#2..a good attitude
#3..your usual good looks and charming personality!....

...beyond that I think we got it covered brother!!!!

Dan....I'll barely have time to regroup between his hunt and ours, but I plan to come out and have the horses shoes checked good...the mountains are rough on their feet and I can't chance throwin a shoe when we'll be back in 10 miles or so.....and they have lots of packin' to do on that trip!!! :eek: would know....always good fodder for BS'ing around the campfire!...just as the Pug jokes seem to fade, we're blessed with tales of full curls and pretty girls, and the fools caught in between! ;)

Good luck to ya Indy, I'm sorry we ended up with different tags this year. I'll be counting the days till we share a hunting camp again.
Don't go wearing old DS out, hes still gota go hunting with me a few weeks later.

What cannon are ya useing this year, is that .358 mag up to speed yet ?

I too am disappointed our tags didn't line up this but we're still young! Plenty of hunting seasons ahead of us!

The .358 get's put through the paces this weekend. I have some 250gr. Woodleigh soft points that I'll be using. We'll see. For back-up I'll be bringin the .300 Weatherby and a .300 Winchesdter. Shit, I might bring the whole gun case! Why not.

I'll make sure DS has some juice left in him... no worries there. I couldn't wear his a$$ in a month odf Sundays!

Take Care,
Great point Indy!!!!!...if it feels good, how can it be wrong!....WORD TO LIVE BY MY MAN! :D ........we have to head in early...with stops sceduled at the Fly Store in Larimie, Wood's Landing, The Snowy Cabins, and the Mangy Moose....hell, your hunt may be over vefore we ever get to camp!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
No Shit Broncogal! and Indy just had that converstaion on the phone! :eek: ....we decided to post armed guards at all entrance and exit points and to defend our camp and our honor at all costs! ;) ....we only wish you could be there with us to share in Indy's triumph!...we'll make that toast to you when his bull goes cab bet your sweet ass on that!
I think they're selling a 50mm TURRET on E-bay... YOU guy's might need it this year :D :D

GOOD luck to ya, And post dome pics again !!! DS, MAke sure it's a bull this year, those pictures last year were kinda SHADEY... I might call BS this year, I've been taking Full Curl Lessons already.. I can Judge an Elk now ;)
Hey....I like the 50mm turret idea Moose! would fit right in with the flack jackets we already purchased! :D ...hell, this will be kinda like a "two objective mission"!....#1...get in, take special ops reports of the taliban rebels, do the reconasance, and try and make it out alive!...and #2...bag a big ol' bull elk for Indy while we're in there! :eek: ...should be a hoot!

We'll just look at it as service to our country.....with a little pleasure hunting on the side! ;)
Sgt Indy reporting for duty, Suh!

Although the 50mikemike may be overkill, I assure you the 45lc on my hip won't be! We'll hit all the hot spots! W. Laramie Flyshop, Woods Landing, that place in Centennial with the huge breakfast burritos, hell... if we tag early on elk, we may ought to buy us a doe 'lope tag and do some snipin'

One thing is for damn sure... I won't be bringing and canned beer! Learned my lesson on Race Morning about that!
LOL!......nope, no canned beer!

The doe lope tags will expire for that area the morning your elk hunt begins, so that idea is out, but hey, you've done that. ;) ......but there may be some others "does" hanging out close by we could hunt! :eek:
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