Two other huge bulls in Arizona


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Sep 24, 2003
There were two other 430 bulls shot in Arizona. One in unit 3c and the other in unit 8.

Here is a link to the one in 8.

I was at a taxidermy in ShowLow Az, and we were talking about the one shot in 3c. I guess it was an 8x9.

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Wow.... Some day, I dream of a Bull, just like that.... no... not the horns on it, but the fact that I would love to have a bull loaded in the back of a pick-up, WHOLE!!!


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That guys must be a hell of a bad ass to be able to pack that bull out whole and to throw it into the back of his pickup like that!!
No kidding, i wish i could road hunt, or close to a road hunt and shoot a bull like that!
That is one very fine Bull....

And yes, he would be a great one sitting in the back of the truck in one peice...
Once in a while, it is possible to get a whole elk. Last year, we hunted state land in New Mexico on a muzzleloader hunt. Jorge and his nephew staked out a waterhole that was about a mile from the road. He got his bull down, and then we found a dirt road that led to the waterhole from another direction. SO we were able to drive the truck right to the bull, load him in and then take him to Jorge's brother's shop and hang him from an a-frame to skin him. It was a lot nicer than doing it on the ground... Of course, it bent the tailgate, though, getting the bull in.
I am 20 and I have shot two bulls in my lifetime. My first bull that I shot scored 320 and expired in a meadow and we just drove right up to it and cranked it in. The second bull that I shot with a bow scored 385 and he expired on an old logging road. So we just drove up to it also. Then this year I helped my dad shoot a small 6 that will score about 310 and he expired 10 yards from a logging road. So far in my career, I have been very lucky and have not had the pleasure of packing one out. Someday I will.
Welcome aboard Adam....
You were very lucky to be pulling this quality of an animal out and being able to drive to them...
A "small" bull that scored 310! Thats the attitude Adam!

No matter what, 310 bulls are nice buddy. I know they sure seem small next to 330+ bulls, but they are bigger than 95% of all bulls harvested each year!

Congrats on the 385, wow! Give us a pic!
The reason why I say that it was a little six is because this year in Arizona is a very good year. As you can see. We saw about 8 bulls that were larger than the one he shot. We were trying to hold out for a monster that we saw and it didnt work out. My dad ended up arrowing a 350 class bull but he hit a little low and we were unable to retreave him. So that was a real bummer.
Anyway, here is a link to where that bull is that I shot that scored 385. Mine is the middle one.


web page

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In December? So you have the cow hunt? I think the bull tag is in November because I am going to help a couple of differant people. (an unpaid guide). Let me know and I will get back to you. I live in Pinetop, so I know the area pretty well.

I still dont have pictures but the 3c bull grossed 440 and netted 430. I guess it was a 9x9. I will post pictures as soon as I find some.

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Adam.. You mush Post alot at the PU$$Y "BOWSITE" better then most people board using "Expired" , "Harvested" and "career" ... Around here things "DIE" .. WE "KILL CHIT" and although we "WORK" at it it's not our jobs so it's a Passion and not a "Career" ...

All that being said, when you're shooting BIG ASS Bulls like that I guess you can say what the Hell ya want RIGHT

On the Serious Side, Welcome Aboard and thanx for the Stoy's and Pics guys !!

I'm gonig to Shoot a Big A$$ 43" in a Couple week and Post pictures of Me Smiling over the Spikex2 points (total score.. not just width).... And loving every min of it

Welcome Aboard Adam from the "CHEESE HEAD".. Errr "Head Cheese" I mean
Moosie, If you want to see a 432 bull in your hometown, look up Mike Munoz in the phone book. His wife shot this bull in Az about 1997. At the time it was the third largest non-typical shot in Az. with a rifle. Mike moved to Idaho about 5 years ago and has been kicking the ---- out of Idaho wildlife and loving it. The last I talked to him he has access to about 5000 acres of farmland around nampa for hunting pheasants, and geese. If you are a member of the Nampa Bow chiefs you may already know him. Mike is an awesome hunter, an exceptional elk and turkey caller. He seems to be getting the hang of dumping geese as well. If you talk to him tell him John Greiss said hi, Good Luck, JLG.
Az Hunter,

I shot my 320 bull and my 385 bull in unit 1. That is pretty good odds getting drawn that many times. I bet you have alot of meat in the freezer?! You also know the area pretty well I am assuming.

My passion is going to be my career. Good luck with your hunt. I wish Arizona had as many good deer as up where you are!


Yes I am the son of Paul Moro. HMM do you know him or just know who he is?
JLG, I'll look him up sometime. I don't know many guys besides me that like being called out of the blue, But I'll take that chance if he's a goose hunter
I was a member at Bow chiefs but have since lapsed my membership.

Adam, Manybe someday you'll get to see my passion with your career
I wish I could get the deer we have up here.... I need to cut out drinking beer and Sleeping in and Riding my 4-wheeler I guess
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