Two Heads Found In Passenger Bag on San Antonio Bus


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Apr 8, 2019
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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The city of San Antonio has been left in shock because of what transpired on a VIA public transportation bus. 06/15/2022 6:00am
Bexar County Investigation Unit found two heads in a passenger's bag on the VIA Bus headed South Bound.
A young man, about 21 years old, got onto the bus with a backpack at S.Presa Rd .
Shortly after he boarded, fellow passengers then began to perceive a strong smell from the boy's backpack.
The horrible smell made the passengers suspicious and one of them alerted the driver.
The driver saw some Policemen on patrol and beckoned to them.
The Policemen stormed the bus ,commando style, and began to search passengers.
One of the policemen almost fainted in shock when he opened the 21-year-old boy's backpack and found two (2) heads.
After examining them carefully, the Policemen found out that they were two known heads.
It was a head of garlic and the other of an onion.
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