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Jul 8, 2003
eagle lake ontario
all these pics i've been seeing taken by trail cams gets me to wanting one. anyone have any advise on a make and model i should be looking at?

it will be mostly for bears but may be put on my food plot for deer also.

thanks in advance:

I guess a digital one is more expensive but the advantage is that you can see photos right then and there, and hunt there, if you want. The cheaper 35 mm ones, you have to develope the film, and might miss out on hunting, because that takes so long. I think batteries is an issue, I don't know if any have solar chargers to keep them going longer or not.

Let me know if you figure out what to get. Its not clear to me. They used them to get that world record buck in Iowa, but I didn't read what kind or anything, if it said.
Definitely go digital if you're after pics of bears. There is something in the film of conventional cameras that's attractive to them. I've heard of more cameras torn apart then stolen!! Here's a website that might be of interest

Digital is definitely the way to go but they are a bit more expensive. If anyone has or knows anyone that has the do-it-yourself or homemade digital trail cam parts list/schematics/assembly drawings or instructions, I would consider making my own. I checked out the link that chas provided and they have a bunch of homebrew stuff for trail cams. I didn't see much for digital versions but I didn't poke around there very much to see what was all there. If anyone has some plans for digital trail cams, let me know. I am interested in a homemade version.
I think there are a couple of problems with the digital cameras people are trying to make. One of them is the Digi cameras are rolling new models so quickly, that the control board for operating one would be getting re-laid out every 6 months. Whereas the Canon Owl is an old model, that Canon keeps making, thus it is the preferred camera. There is quite a bit to be said for solid, non-fancy Canon engineering. The cheap digi cameras won't have the same robust nature.

Cabelas still has the Stealth Cam for $79, and it works great. And if you are worried about the bears, which is a legitimate concern, just build a sheet metal box to put it over. Much easier than wiring the controller to run a digital AND building a box for it.
Its $10 off at Cabela's right now, $69. You can get a pan and scan digital video with solar power that will transfer live over the internet for about $10,000 last time I checked. Its probably lower now, eh. haha I guess that would be good, if you didn't have time to get out with your plane or helicopter but wanted to check your favorite spot.
All I'll say is that I think the Buckshot models to be overpriced (at least the "RTV" version that I have). For $69/pop you can't beat that Stealth Cam! I like the idea of a digital camera also, but the store-bought ones are too pricey to be practical.

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