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Oct 2, 2001
Southern New Jersey
Hey Tobey; I hunted with Bob Sanborn, and Roger Tripp is year out of Aurora, on Rt.9. The Meadow Mountain Guide Service. Do you know any of those boys? Nice camp. 15 hunters the first week, and 7 bear taken. One real nice 325 pounder. I got a 150 pounder. I have been bear hunting Maine now for 6 years, taken 3 bears. One 400 pounder. 18 7/16 scull. I'm on page 79 of the 1999 Maine Antler & Scull trophy club book. I hunted 5 years out of Oxbow, up north.
Hey Mr O.,welcome to Moosies huntalk.I dont know Bob but a feller I grew up with works for him in the Bucksport mill and he says Bobs a hell of a guy.Glad you enjoyed your trip.
Hi Maineiac; Bob is going to retire, I think at the end of this year. And he is a hell of a guy. Me and my son met Roger Tripp (he is a registered guide from Frankfort)and we use Roger as our guide for bear. He also took us to hunt deer at Castine, on private property. Maine is one great state. And I truely have to say, all the people we have met there are the greatest..........
Mr. Outdoors,
Welcome to Moosie's
Happy posting
Hi Mr.Outdoors
Glad to meet you and welkome to Moosies.
I have never met Bob or Roger but have never herd anything but good about them.We should now each other well, theres only 60 miles of undeveloped woods between us.We are considered nabores up here.Sounds like you have gotten some nice bears over the years.Is Roger going to keep Medow MT.going if Bob retires ??
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