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Dec 22, 2000
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Just finished reading a great article by Tim Nolan about hunting black bear in Maine. The article was featured in Bear Hunting Magazine. The guiding outfit featured in the article by Tim was none other than Tobey's outfit. If any of you other bear hunters out there want a great magazine you should order Bear Hunting magazine. The website address <> If you hurry you can read the excellent article about Tobey's place. The story made me want to book a hunt and fly clear across the nation. I just wish I could get away in the fall so I could make such a hunt. For now I'll just have to dream. Again congrats Tobey.
Thanks Big-Sky
That same man Tim Nolan is coming back this year for a Moose hunt.The week of October 9th.After reading his story looks like we only need to hunt one day as long as he wears the right shirt :D
Yup sounds like he has one lucky shirt. Guess that's all it takes, huh;) I hope you plan on taking lot's of photos of your successful bear hunter's this year and will post them on the net. I love seeing those jet black bears you guys have out there. Delw, I think you will have to buy the magazine to read the article. It was fairly entertaining. The only thing dissappointing is that it didn't include any information on how to get a hold of the outfitter. I suspect that was because no advertising was purchased. Eventhough one has to work a little harder to track down the outfitter I can understand why the editor would prefer not to include addresses and phone numbers. I mean after all he's got to make a living too. All that aside, it was a fine article and fun to read.

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Even tho I havent and most likely wont get a chance to read it,let me tell ya Big Sky,aint noone in this state of Maine that I'd rather spend the day with.Dale Tobey and his brother David are both as nice a fellers as you'll ever meet anywhere.Havent had the chances to get over their way as much as I'd like,but the few times I have,its been well worth the ride.If ya get the chance Big Sky,the time spent with them will be a blast.Hats off to ya Dale,keep on keepin on man.
maineiac, I don't doubt what you say for a minute. I've enjoyed Dale's post's at this site and go out of my way to read all of them if it has anything to do with bears. Unless I find a new career (very unlikely) or Maine adds a spring bear hunt (even less likely) I doubt I'll ever have the pleasure of hunting with him. I teach high school, hence the reason I can't get away in the fall. The powers that be just don't cut school teacher's much slack in the fall:(
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