To Moosie & everyone else here at hunt talk.

gar man

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Mar 5, 2003
southwest missouri
Well,nine months ago an elk hunt was just a dream of mine. Now in three days it will become a reality. Thanks in most part to all the advice and knowledge gained from this forum. I never posted much,but that was not because I was not here it was because I spent alot of time researching.
Being from the "east" as most of you guys would put it I didn't know there were elk outside of Colorado. I didn't want to hunt Colorado because everybody and there brother go there. Thats when I found out Idaho had elk, and researching on the internet I stumbled into your little world,and I'm glad I did.
If(and it is a big if)I happen to kill an elk it will be in big part thanks to all of you guys on hunt talk. Being in here is more like sitting around on the porch shooting the sh*t. Not like most other place that sit around arguing about the right way to hold your knife while trying to carve yourself a toothpick.
So this is my thanks to all of you for your help and knowledge I have gained over the past six months.
GOOD LUCK Gar Man. Enjoy.
Get a big 'un, Gar Man! When you hit Idaho, give Moosie a call. He'll probably chime in here in a bit. If not, shoot me an email and I'll give you Moosie's phone number. (I don't know why I'm being cautious, as Oscar has spread his phone number all over the internet like a web hooker...
Best of luck to you gar man. Take lots of pictures for your return to Hunt Talk to share with us all. I am looking forward to seeing a big assed elk with you in a picture and a great story.
Good Luck Gar Man,

Hope you find a bull with large antlers and scrawny body! You'll probably only see bighorn sheep! Be careful in there and give us a full report when you get back home.

T Bone
Best of luck to you. I guess you know that your life will never be the same after this hunt! -memtb
Thanks again everyone, and to all here if you ever need any info on the turkeys here in Missouri give me a shout. The MDC changed a few of our deer regs around this year I guess we can shoot all the does we want for $10 a piece so if anybody wants to come down and fill there pick-up up with whitetails give me a shout.
Gar man,

Good luck, and prepare to be impressed!!! That country is awesome, and you will feel small in there. With a bit of patience, you can cover a lot of that country, and you should be able to fill the photo album.

If you do want to cross the river, you can do that with a canoe or raft, off the road. Just be safe, and take a lifejacket.

Best of luck.
Gar Man

If this is your fist hunt and you or anyone you are hunting with is lucky enough to take one of these magnificent animals. You will be hooked for life once you see one up close.

The fist time I saw one on the ground I just stood there with my mouth open. They are so impressive (as well as the county they live in) you will never forget the experience.

Good luck to you and to all..

Good luck Garman... I hope you come back with lots of good memories and a whole bucket full of Elk meat...

As with the others, I am with you and good luck on your first and hopefully not last great elk adventure...
gar man

This was Addressed to me and Others and fortunately the "OTHERS" helped me out in Saying what I felt too. I've been slacking on my reading duties and Answering but am Gonig to try to catch up this weekend.

You'll be a bit North of me but you should be in the Elk. Keep us posted and Thanx for the post, The pleasure is all ours !!!!!
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