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Dec 22, 2000
Pecos, NM, USA
If anyone here is familiar with FNAWS (Foundation for North American Wild Sheep) you know that they had their annual sheep tag auction this past Friday and here is the results from the top three tags sold:

Alberta $250,000.00
Arizona $160,000.00
New Mexico $157,500.00

This is the most the New Mexico tag has ever brought and it looks like the buyer wants to hunt sheep in my area ;) I hope to be able to guide him on his hunt.

Where do these people get this kind of money?? They are spending way more for a tag than I spent for my home, land, vehicles, horses and kids all put together! :D

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WOW ,lots of money for sure.
I hear you guided for some guys last year that got there sheep,Is that true?
:D :D Cause I havent SEEN the TAPE yet :D :D
Hope you get to guide for them.
Good luck on the potential client Eric!.......I bet a guy paying over $150,000 for a tag might not be a bad tipper to guide for! ;)
Alrighty, when I go to a restuarant I tip 15 to 20 percent....HooooWaaaah!

I hope you get the job!

who said SHEEP? :D
Sambar, Those are the variety with only one gold ball. The two gold ball types are all protected.

If you think that's wild, you should see what they pay for the auction Bull Elk tags....

Those prices are cheap compared to a few years ago. Sherwin Scott bought the Alberta tag 2 years in a row, 96' and 97'. In 96' the tag went for about $425,000 and he did not shoot a ram. The next year the tag went for a little less, around $400,000 and he took what was at the time the number 5 B&C rocky mountain bighorn sheep.

The prices are coming down, I think due to the big dogs like Sherwin Scott, George Harms, and Gary Hansen not seeing sheep that are big enough for them to chase.

The good thing about these tags is that the $ is used to put more sheep on the mountain.

Now if I could only draw that Montana sheep tag!
Those prices freak me out,we dont have anything like that shiit here,those sheep would have to be the rare variety with gold balls ---er right? :D :D :D
LW, LOL, maybe they were top exects!

Flipper, you are too much! ;)

Thanks for the words guys and gals, I hope I can be involved in the hunt somehow. Desert Sheep is right, these guys must be filthy rich, they pay some big bucks not only in the US, but abroad as well, BIG bucks.

It never ceases to amaze me how one person can toss $50k and never look back while others (like me lol) have to work their butt off just to pay for the necessities. Those big name sheep hunters are definately in a league of their own. It almost seems like a competition to see who can spend the most money on sheep hunting not to mention who can kill the most species.

Oh and MD, OK, OK!! I'll send you damned tape!! ;) :D

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