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Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
A big one will fall to the Wrath of Moosie. I read" Hunting High Country Muledeer" (M. Eastman). Watched 14 big Buck Video's that I bought.... With that and Being able to run all the way to my Mailbox without taking a Break I'm ready for this year's hunting !!!
Oak, I'm going to go to Colorado, But I'm going to get it done in Idaho.

What's "Coyote out" ? Is that like Hiding the Salami ?!?! ;) I don't know if I will or not, After watching all the Eastmans video's al the "Coyoteing out" I see is out of lodges on ranches. I haven't the money to Coyote out like that. I'm going to try something different :D
Actually Moosie, maybe you would be able to sneak up on them if your pack didn't stick up 15' above the tops of the trees and you weren't trying to be a one man logging crew!

Just a thought

Was the initial response I had in mind! :D

Then I got to thinkin, whom you said you had been in contact w/ lately!!!

As long as your willing to
-it. I'm sure you'll do just fine...

As far as coyotee's go. I try to steer cleer of them mange, flea infested nasty things. Sheep are more my style! ;)
OSOK, I might have to be carefull when Someone calls me, or I call them and I mension it... Seems Alot of people pay close attension when I type things, Especially the CO boys ;)

And I'm offended you said As long as I
~it. I can walk anyone into the ground, As long as it's not further then my Mailbox ;)

My Idaho buck will be bigger then the Colorado buck, Even if I have some help...... That's my goal. But first things first

IDCritterGitter, good talking to ya too. Hit Killa-bee up on that Private land owner, You should always take advantage of that.
Moosie are you thinkin aboout comming up here? You know 500 inch bulls are'nt the only things around every corner, theres plenty of 300 inch muleys to! ;)
Oscar, what beardown means by 500in elk and 300in deer is a code he uses. Translated it means there are plenty of 500lb women to play with his or your 3.00in weiner.
Beardown, I'm bailing on the Montana Thing again this year. Although there is plenty of Great critters and I know exactly were they are at, I like to have a Challenge so I'm going to head to Texas for a hunt ;)

I'm actually heading to Northern Alberta and Colorado this year.. But Shhhh the wife doesn't know yet :D :D

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