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Things we've learned while hunting deer...


Jan 21, 2001
Wyoming MI, USA
There are some things that you just don't believe till you experience it and some that you don't know about till it's happened, so, lets hear those things you've learned while hunting deer. I'll start.

Deer will second guess there eyes, but never their nose.

Brown hide makes excellent camoflague... Sometimes you don't see it till it's through the grate of your tree stand.

Even if you check for deer before you get out of your stand, do it again. I've spooked many a deer within bow range getting out of my stand a couple minutes too early because I didn't look well enough. Those white flags sure do give them away when scared.

It's always good to have a round in the chamber before firing a shot.

Rabbits sure do sound like deer in the leaves, dont they!

Stay warm and you can better stay still.

If bowhunting be sure to have the clothing tight on your forearm so the string doesn't hit it.

I'm sure I'll come up with more as the season progresses. Well, what mistakes have you made while deer hunting that we can hopefully learn from?
Not moving is the best camo. Like you stated, deer get by with that strategy VERY well.

Baaaa like a sheep quite loudly will stop most any moving deer.

Can't shoot a big one if you shoot a small one.
Let's see!!!
You want mistakes...
Where to start..
Let's see..
Don't sneeze or cough, animals alway's come out of the wood work and unglued when you do that.
Don't play with zippers when you know they are close.
Deer will move away when you try an elk call, even a light cow call.
Try to wear cloths that don't scritch scritch when you walk, or you will never see any thing, they know what the sound is also
Alway's stay down wind of them.
Did I say always stay down wind of them...
These are just a few..
:D :D :D

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