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They're Back!!


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Feb 12, 2013
I finally made it out last night for the first morel hunt of the year. I didn't have long to look but stumbled into the right spot and filled up a bag full in no time. It was an incredible patch that I wish I could have gotten a picture of, but I didn't have a camera or my phone with me.

Who else gets out in the spring after morels? It's a major addiction for me, though lately I've been enjoying summer mushrooms even more due to the longer season and less competition.

Unfortunately my buddy planned his wedding right in the middle of morel season so the time I have to look this weekend will be limited. I'm hoping to get out for a few hours Saturday morning, though.

Let's see some pictures of other's finds!
We got out this last weekend and hit the mother lode. Weather permitting will make another trip this weekend. Nothing beats fresh deep fried morels!
I too have never had one before. I llive in Montana and the question is where, when, how do you find them? I would be interested in finding one and trying it.
Can you describe the taste...never had em.

The Morels I have had don't taste a whole lot different than mushrooms you'd buy in the store. Maybe a little less earthy and little more delicate if that makes any sense. They cook into something delicious though - I have had them sautéed in butter over elk steak and also breaded and fried. They have a more pleasurable texture than your average mushroom too.
I think it is the texture that makes them! And the larger surface area allows for more butter to soak in when frying.
Yesterday, following a rain, the sun shone warmly along the Gallatin River and I picked about three dozen of the beauties ... my harvest bowl closely resembling the photo above.

The grandkids will enjoy grilled deer loin medallions smothered in mushrooms when they get off the school bus and have their protein meal before soccer practice. LIfe is good!
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There is nothing like a big old steak or burger smothered with fried morels. The more butter the better with some salt, pepper, and garlic. If I had to choose a last supper, that would be it. One of these years I'm going to have some elk steaks to pile them on top of, and that is going to be a great day!

My fiancé prefers chanterelles, but to me, morels are in a whole different class. I think it's because every bite brings back memories of the big patches I've stumbled on. I brought my 4 year old nephew out last night to help me pick them and when he got back he told his mom (my sister) that she needs to get more carrots because he wants to be eat them so he can see the mushrooms better. As it was, he was picking up my slack and finding ones that I was walking right by.

Good luck everyone. I hope to have some more pictures to post as the season progresses. Hopefully this cool, wet weather keeps up and drags out the season.
One thing about finding morels that still puzzles can I stand there looking at a patch of ground, not seeing any, then finally seeing one, and then like the final scene of "Harry and the Hendersons" where the whole forest is suddenly alive with Bigfoots, suddenly see three more, and then just over a bit, four more, and back to where I just scanned and was sure I found them all, two more again. Sneaky tasty morels!!
Congrats ! I picked 4.5 lbs in the last 2 days. Season will be done here in southern MN this week. Found a nice patch of giant yellows but they were all over-ripe;
Trigger, I'm in the south metro and we are just barely getting going here. Besides this patch of yellows, most of what I found so far have been small grays. I think peak will be next weekend. You can really extend your season by moving to east and north facing hills. Or, by driving north obviously.

I'm going to be in the Rochester area this weekend for a wedding and am going to head out on Saturday morning early. Hopefully I stumble on some. Going into unscouted territory can be tough.
Thanks for ur report. I appreciate ur insights. This is only my 3rd season picking. All the yellows that I have found in the south metro have been on the ripe side. Weird. The greys are still good though.
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