The Truth About Hunting Lions With Dogs


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Dec 29, 2000
There was a time when I thought that chasing a lion with hounds would be a cakewalk when compared to other forms of hunting.

Boy was I ever wrong!

My lion hunting career got started with an Arizona Guide named Ollie Barney back in the early 70’s. My first time out behind the dogs, quickly caused me to change my way of thinking.

Man what a hunt!!!!

Words simply cannot describe the experience; and when its all over and done with, you’ll know you where on the hunt of a life time. I promise you you’ll relive the experience for the rest of your life.

Following the hounds is truly something every single hunter should accomplish during their hunting career.

I take my hat off to the lion guides here.

A hunter would be will served by going hunting with anyone of these guys....

AZWill--Good to have ya on the forum. Tell us your lion srory. We need some good stories on here! Good to have ya here.bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes

Thanks for the welcome, this seem like a swell place full of good people.

When I get the time, I'll write the story of my lion hunt with hounds; and man was it a whopper. . . both the lion and the hunt.

Stay tune. . .