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The past weekends hunt

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
So I hunted this past week with my Dad-in-law at our farm in Alabama.
It is well into the pre-rut here and we are normally seeing much chasing by now.

We hunted a well managed lease that we share with a few friends that has recently had the plantation pines thinned. Visibility has gone from 50 feet to 150 yards. We stand hunted from daylight until 10am then we met and walked a mile or so back to a quad to get to the truck.
This area is a prairie type soil that the old timers call the mud from hell.
Its common in the black belt and you get taller as you walk.

Dad does not believe in calls and I do. On this property I called a 138” buck and whacked it last season with a Madd grunt, snort wheeze.
I have used it to bring in MANY 3 year old bucks on our farm, but we only shoot bucks that go to the taxidermist.
Anyway, we met and began the walk in the mud and I got him to stop and let me try this call out for him to see what happens. I grunted a few times then did the wheeze side…nothing. We waited about 5 minutes then did the same thing.
Dad throws up his 25-06 and says check out that deer running towards us!
It was a 3-1/2 year old looked like a 4X4 or 4x5. The Buck stopped about 150 yards out and Dad got down on 1 knee for a rest and shot.
At the shot the buck bolted and I could see him skirt the edge of the opening he
Had come into then he stopped at a thick place in the edge of the opening.
I assumed DEAD DEER! This guy is a dead-eye; He’s got the shooting gene if you know what I mean. I stayed behind to watch the thicket for movement and he went to where the deer was standing at the shot. No Blood! I went down and

We found the tracks of standing then turning and running.

THEN, we noticed this rut in the clay that was 8” long and looked like it came from somebody’s finger dragging in the mud. It was a strange mark and we were talking about how that deer could have made this. I stuck my finger in the slot to see if it had blood and nothing. Then I did it again and dragged my finger to the end and I found this

I have NEVER found a bullet on the ground...other than a civil war lead ball.
Oh, he drew no blood and when I went towards where I last saw the deer it ran off in good shape! (i'll try him again next weekend!

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The buck is still out there, taunting you fellas..Maybe the next time, eh John...LOL...That was a great find, I don't think many at all find the bullet of the shot they were making, I know I never had..Good luck on the next one...
Thanks Guys,
I'm going to walk dad back in there and
see if that Buck will fall for it again.
Dad still doesent think they will come to rattling here either

I have not killed a buck this year but I have killed 2 does archery and 6 rifle.
Now its all about getting him a good buck, Then MAYBE, that P&Y Buck will amble by the last week of January!

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