The Horse Whisperer....Hmmmm...

Probably the same things my wife whispers in my a fool I believe her every time.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Get real!
I saw on TV last night Miss Cleo can also read your fortune over the phone for just five bucks a minnute!!

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....Monty Roberts,...he'll be in Cheyenne in a few days putting on a show....says he can take an un-trained horse that's never been ridden, and have a kid riding it it 30 minutes,...just by whispering a few things in his ear!:D.....I wish he'd come whisper to my paint about that lead-rope breaking crap!:D

So what do you horse people think about all this.....any truth to it, or are we gonna see some of ya call BS?!!?!?:D

While I don't currently own any horses, I have seen him and it is a little more involved than just whispering in the horses ear! There is also a set of videos that I have seen on a PBS fund drive while I lived in Nebraska.

Definately go see it if you can. You will find it very interesting.


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DS,if you get the chance GO SEE him.
I also have heard about him and have seen some tapes--its pretty good.
There are a number of way to get to the same place ,but if you can do it easer and with less stress to the animal--why not try it?
Its not what it seem--cant hurt.
I've heard some of the same things on another site about him,....and I wasn't doubting his ability, to be honest, I figured to get a rise out of some of these die hard horse people:D...note my whose gonna call BS comment!:D

I would love to see him, but definitely do not have time at the moment to travel to Cheyenne to watch the show. DS
DS.....I'll leave the BS calling to other folks, but if you're having trouble lead rope educating a horse, he'll also give you trouble on a picket. Some of the old timers, especially when they have several horses to work with, will use an 18 - 20 foot long log about 12-14" in diameter and tie one end of a 20 to 30 foot rope to the log (be sure it is smooth) and the other end through the halter ring and around the horses neck. A couple days of dragging this log around and fighting it and it yanking his head down will graduate a horse in a hurry. I know to some this seems cruel, but it is effective, but be sure to use a soft rope about 5/8"
Thanks Whitedeer,...sounds like that would do the trick for sure,...but right now, he's responding well to the chain I'm using in conjuction with his lead rope. But if he starts to act out again, the log option sounds like a good one!
DS-I wouldnt call BS on Monty Roberts, anything is possible and if you get a chance I would go see him, but I rather doubt going to see him is gonna solve the problem with the horse that breaks lead ropes. Good luck, and I hope the chain works. THe only thing a SPOILED horse will respond to is pain. Once they figure out they can do it painlessly it becomes a habit. Whispering in their ear wont break that habit. Although there are many things the "Horse Whisperers" can do I have never seen it work on this type of application. Anyone out there ever see it done on a lead rope breaker? bcat
Bcat I have not heard of it being used to stop bad habits.
I am with you the only thing I have seen break that kind of stuff is to make is feel better to stay put then to be pulling.
As much as I like horses ,sometimes they can be such knot heads.
Most of what I have heard about Monty Roberts is his metod of starting young riding horses, I 've never heard anything about any of his metods being applied to working horses.

I have to agree with Muledeer4me about some horses being knotheads. Some you just got to keep an eye on all the time. Best to sell these to some dude from Vermont. Heh, heh, heh.