The double deer story

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
As I recall, it was the last weekend of deer season in 1969. Dad and me hunted the west-facing foothills of the Bighorn Mts. We had each taken posts overlooking canyon draws but had no luck. It was bitter cold with a north wind. We met at the pick up for lunch.

After lunch, we walked out to the edge of a large sage dotted hillside and a nice sized forked horn buck stood up. Distance was about 120 yards. Dad raised his 300 Savage and aimed briefly before the rifle barked. The forkie leaped forward and bounded away. But after a few jumps he toppled over and crashed to the ground.

As we dressed out the buck, we heard gasping sounds coming from near the place where the buck had been standing when Dad shot. "Go see to it, boy", Dad told me. I found a full sized doe lying in blood smeared knee high grass with a thumb sized chunk of backbone missing. I yelled for Dad to come over and look. He was not pleased at the sight, for we had no doe tags remaining. His heavy 300 Savage bullet had penetrated the buck's ribcage with enough energy remaining to knock over this doe that was not seen from our view.

Dad finished the doe with his revolver. Then we dressed it out but left her where we found it. Dad called the County Warden when we got home. He explained what happened and the Warden arrived about two hours later. It was getting colder as all three of us drove out to the place where the doe lay. It was clear from our tracks in the snow that Dad's explanation was true.

The Warden took the doe for our County Food Bank and we helped him load it. Dad was not fined. The Warden told us that he does not cite honest hunters who call him about situations like this.

Honesty is still the BEST policy.

The next day after church, I shot a nice 3 X 3 with Harry's old Winchester. Shot it over on Bob P.'s ranch where the cottonwoods are clustered along the frozen creek. We had plenty of meat for the long cold winter.
That was a nice deer story. So you think that would happen now a days?

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Actually the famous guy spelled his name O'Connor. He died in the mid 1970's and hasn't been heard from since.

I'm still very much alive.

But I'm flattered that you asked. Thanks.