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The Caribou bull??


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Jan 24, 2002
Which one of you guys shot the "Caribou Bull" I think it was either Fuggingoodhunter or The Yetti right?
You might want to rethink that Moosie.
Yetty had his picture taken with the bull but FGH shot it as far as I know. Ron
HUMmmm.. SEE what I know
Are you still sure Moosie..?? See I was damn sure one of them took it.. I need to talk with them to see if they know this guy that I know that says his cousin or friend took the Caribou bull.. See now why I want to talk to them..Thanks Idaho Ron and if we can just get one of them to answer this post.
I think fairly good hunter is off in netherlands right now, but yeah, he killed the Caribou bull in 2000. Yeti was with him though (or helped him track it the next day I guess).

So is this guys cousin named Brendan?
When I said I was "SURE" .. that meant I have NO fuggin Idea, But I was bumping it back up to the top

Greeny and Weekend warrior are AWOL for the next 8 days.. BUt I don't know FGH or Yettis Status ?~?~

FGH's first name is Brendon like Horn Seeker said....
I seem to recall Brendon talking to Casey about going to Indy or something like that and I think Casey went there this week? I'm probably wrong though, but I sure like spreading gossip anyhow!
I Killled the caribou in 2000. The yetti was with me on that hunt and alot of others.(thats what hunting partners are for, Right??)

I dont check in here very often anymore. I just finished school and am busy building a house in southern Montana.

I dont understand where this post is going?? I only have one cousin and His name is Jim if that helps. Otherwise E-Mial me at [email protected]

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 01-12-2003 21:10: Message edited by: Fuggingoodhnter ]</font>
Congrats on finishing school!!! I'm guessing the 6th grade wasn't all that hard.
BTW, what was your degree in and where do you want it to take you as far as a career goes?
Ha ha.. good one Moosie. I got so busy talking about the bull I forgot to give him his congrats on his degree...Sorry.. but..

Congrats man!!

Tell us what you'll be doing..
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