The Blitzkrieg continues


Sep 30, 2016
The pillaging, blundering and destruction from the Trump administration continues at a pace never seen before.

Last week it was the Pebble Mine project where the EPA and Interior department chummed it up with Alaska’s governor to fast track what will be an environmental disaster for Alaskan salmon fisheries.

You got to love it, the company that wants to build the Pebble Mine is a CANADIAN company. Northern Dynasty Minerals is I failed company that has seen their stock go from $22 a share to 75 cents a share. They will do anything to try to grift investors into pumping more money into their stock – including the obscene Pebble Mine project. In the same period of time, copper has lost about half its value. We don’t need more copper right now - there is plenty of supply out there without the Pebble Mine.

And now to start the week, the Trump administration moves to weaken the Endangered Species act.

This administration continues its Blitzkrieg against the environment. The pillaging the plundering, the destruction continues unabated. They believe it is their destiny, a divine mission to monetize every square inch of OUR Public Lands.

You must get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Do not let them get away with this, do not make excuses for them, do not let yourself be distracted by the shiny penny, do not settle for crumbs from their table.

Above all, DO NOT VOTE to keep these bums in office.

Here is a portion of the article from the Hill on the roll back to the Endangered Species Act:

The Trump administration on Monday announced it has finalized a controversial rollback of protections for endangered species, including allowing economic factors to be weighed before adding an animal to the list.

The Interior Department regulations would dramatically scale back America’s landmark conservation law, limiting protections for threatened species, how factors like climate change can be factored in listing decisions and the review process used before projects are approved on their habitat.

“It means that in all likelihood that the federal government itself and individuals will be damaging the habitat and likely increase the timetable and likelihood of a species going extinct,” David Hayes, executive director of the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center and a former deputy of Interior, said in a previous interview with The Hill.

Going forward, the Endangered Species Act will no longer offer the same protections for threatened species — those at risk of becoming extinct in the foreseeable future — as those that are already endangered.

Go to the Hill online to see the rest of the article.

Vote Public Lands!



And Only Our Rivers Run Free......

Big Sky Guy

Dec 10, 2018
Or lets not be one issue voters and look at all the issues and vote for which candidate aligns with the majority of our beliefs. Gun rights, life rights (abortion), strong borders/immigration and in my opinion currently the most important and backbone of our country: CAPITALISM. I cannot fathom how Socialism is now a platform to run on.

After seeing what has happened with the wolf and now grizzly bear I’m all for changing the endangered species act, seems ludicrous that a liberal federal judge can over rule science (likely liberally biased science at that if there’s any bias at all).

Just a thought.


Aug 27, 2015
Northern CA
You lost me at "blundering" although I kinda like the ring of it and will use this descriptive term in the near future.


Active member
Jan 25, 2018
I hope the project goes through. The Obama administration was wrong to hault the project without any sort of environmental review.
FWIW ai believe the state of Alaska still has the right to veto the project even if the EPA and Corps signs off on it.


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Jun 9, 2009
DUDE!! You are like a terrible rash that never goes away. I hope your password gets removed!

I got one of those cool algorithm things from Facebook that will not let me click on a thread I don't like. That Zuckerberg dude is a genius.
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