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Thanks Guys!...............



Guest I promised you, I am giving you the update you requested on me ponying-up".

Let me start by saying that the info given to me from Tobey, Elk Hunter, MD4Me, Shadowrider and many others has been worth more than you could ever know.

I have bought the first of 3 or 4 ponies...
...and yes, I paid too much! :D
......after looking at over 30 pieces of horse flesh, I bought a registered paint, big and stout, over 16 hands and 1400+ pounds....a wide straight back, and trail and pack proven. I rode this horse in the mountains 4 times before buying him, and I can tell you, he backs away from nothing. He's a cadilac for sure, and his nose for elk drove the price up from $300 to $350! :D.....he is said to sniff out the elk....sneak you in, then hold his head dead still so you can use the spot between his ears for a rifle rest! :D....I figured that was worth the extra $50!....
....but really.....thanks, so much!, to you guys that took the time to answer e-mails on this subject, and the info you gave here on this topic.....

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well,well,well......look what the cat drug guys gonna kiss and make up?..............JB
Way to go on the horses DS,I hope they give you many years of fun and a few sore butts, :eek: :eek:
Send us a picture when you get a chance,and be sure to check out the post on packing that BCA,Elkhunter,and Roper put up.
BCA............Your name should have been at the head of the list of those who helped me!!!!!!!!

That is why I put and many others....because I knew I would leave a name off! :D

You were more help than you will ever know!
And I WILL hook up with you when I come through NM! Thanks again...DS
Man, DS the world is round and not flat, which is SUPPOSED to make it harder to fall off of!!! Good to see you're still around.
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