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Texas Whitetails


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Dec 10, 2000
Menard, Texas,USA
Tom I told you we had some great whitetails in thru this area. My Neighbor accross the road killed a nice buck last Saturday morn.It was a 16 point 19' width and the intial scoring at the local big buck contest is 182 B&C. This deer had a 12 point with double drops running with him. This guy is the ranch foreman on a 30k acre ranch and had been watching the 12 pointer all year and when he went to get him , he had the 16 pointer with him. He had a hard time deciding which to take as they were both great bucks. BTW this was open country and not high fence. The genetics are really pretty good in this area. I have seen 2 really good deer on my place I've been holding back on waiting for my son and grandson to come and take, but if they dont come soon, my trigger finger is getting pretty itchy. I'll try to get some pics of that big guy. Ol Bob
I would like to see some pics of it for sure.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>It was a 16 point 19' width <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

WOW BOB... 19' ?!?! Thats 2"s shorter then my TRUCK !!
Ohhh maybe that was 19"s not '

Post a picture slacker !!!!
Where in relation to Menard is this at? One of my best friends hunts just north of London in the SE part of the county. They bought the land last Nov. They have almost 2,000 acres between 2 families.....not a huge spread, but it is good country. It was part of the Rutter(sp?) Ranch off 1773.

Just curious.

You can e-mail me if you would rather......

[email protected]

Woodrow I know right where that ranch is. I'm between Menard and Eden. North of mnenard 10 miles. The ranch it came off is just across the highway east of me . It's a 30k acre ranch and they lease most of it, but this came off a section that was not leased. The ranch foreman killed the deer. He has been on the lookout all summer for one he could enter in the local contest.
Yep Moosie that 19 footer would be SOME KINDA record, eh?? This one might be a contender for the state record for the year, but not all time record for the state. I'll try to get a digital pic, all I have right now is a printed pic. Ol Bob
BbarC, If your son and grandson didn't show up yet, its two weekends, you better shoot him before Thanksgiving! That's supposed to be the second bussiest weekend of the season besides opening. Somebody might shoot him, I hope you, or your family. Wow, that sounds great! Go get him! 185, is that going to be the #1 in the area you think? That is really pretty darn big anywhere!!
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