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Texas EXOTIC's 2002.... (First Anual ?~?~)


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK I think the date is MArch 23rd. Tom is looking into that for me. I am putting together a list of hunters and such. If you want to GO, Email TOM @ [email protected] Then send him a Deposit Check......

Also, Make checks out to Thompson Temple for $50/hunter. Mail them to Tom @ :

Tom Prihoda
822 Thrasher
San Antonio, TX 78245-1006

EVERYONE must have a hat... Whether Camo or not :D E-mail ME [email protected] . link to picture of hats are : *HERE*

There is ALOT of INFO on this hunt.. It's filling up FAST!!!! I think We can Accomidate about 16ish.... at least a Dozen has had interest and I'm getting together with TOM for the Deposits.

ANYWAYS, THATS ALL for now.... Read the Topics and sign up. Questions can BE E-mailed to TOM or Me or just post them here....


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
We screwed up Moosie. Someone called and got the 23rd. We get the 30th. Thompson knew you wanted the 23rd or 30th. He saved the 30th. We got the 30th of March weekend. Its starts 12 noon friday without a guide, but is regularly saturday and sunday morning with a guide dropping people off at blinds.

I'll believe you mailed me the hat before your big deer hunt when it gets here. I owe you $12 for it and $1 for shipping. Did you really mail it, it would be a miracle, I think? I hope your deer hunt is going well. That will make this news easier to take. We got the 30th, not the 23rd.

Anyway, we got the 30th, but we need the deposits to have the ranch for our group of friends and family only.