Taxidermy bills....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
HAHA... I probably shouldn't be posting this.. but I guesss the wife knows anyways....

LETS add a few things up

WELL.. I just added them up a little and don't think it's a good Idea to put it on paper.. ANYONE have any clue on how much $$ in taxidermy I got on the wall for being a poor boy ?~?~?~? :eek: :eek:

ANYWAY, I just brought 3 ducks into the taxidermist from the freezer from last year and the blackbuck and the bear hide.... I still need the snake from Delw... (HINT.. HINT..)

ANYWAY, I know alot of y'all have cool mounts too, what do you have in $$$ on your wall ?!?!
Moosie I hate to say it but I have next to nothing in taxidermy bills.

My wife is a taxidermist so everything is just about free.

I do have 1 bear on the wall that her shop would charge somewhere around 3K to do but I think I paid around $250 and thats for the form. I have a typical (but slightly modified) bou on the wall (free), other than that I have nothing. I live in a small house and no wall space. I have given away some shoulder mounts (they were also free). If I get a bear this month in Tok, I doubt I would even get it mounted or rugged, but it would still be free :D

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well over 7k.... Plus the stuff in the freezer and a live mount coon over at the taxidermist.. I figure when I am done with all my animals i will probally have over 100k

I want a live mount bobcat, lion attacking a deer , bear mount , Life size elk mount if over 375B&C , life size cariboo mount (any size) Life size cousedeer , life size desert bighorn .... I dont like just head mounts LOL

moosie I would say yours is between 6k and 8k