story is fishy

Mini Moose

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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
Maybe it is just me but, i heard about this and thought i would let you guys guess what you think happened.

A man from blackfoot, ID, shot a potential world record mule deer buck, This buck was killed 2 years ago and the hunter didn't say a thing about it until about a week ago, It came out of the river bottoms which is an archery only unit. Fish and game had been tracking a deer like this one a couplae of years back, and it happened to be found dead caped with the head cut off. Something about this story just isn't right.

You can not tell me that if you shot a buck that is definately a state record and more then likely to be world record that everyone in town would not know about it the day you killed it. Me personally i see no way he can get away with it he is as good as caught for poaching i think. What to you think.

P.S. if i can get pics i will show you. but for a comparison, my best friend shot a muley that scores 197 net, and this deer makes it look like bambi.
Mini Moose I am wondering if the F &G officials kept some DNA from the one a couple of yrs ago. If they did they could verify if the guy is kosher or not. Maybe somebody else knows more about the testing?
I think it was taken illeagaly, but that is just my opinion. The hard part now will be to prove it unless they have any of the DNA as Nut suggested.