Split limbs?


Dec 11, 2000
How many guys have split limbs on their bow vs. solid limbs??? and what do you think about them?????

my personal thoughts are they were way overrated when they first came out and now alot of archers are experiencing problems, was it a marketing tool or an true advancment in archery?????

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DKO, I have solid limbs on my bow. IMHO I don't think you can get the accuarcy out of split limbs like you can solid limbs. That is just my opinion and you know what they are like.
Solid limbs. I never bought a split limb because I just couldn't see how they could be as accurite as a solid limb. I still haven't bought into the single cam trend either. Don't think I will, not for a while anyway. I'm getting me a new bow this year and it will be a solid limb two cam.
I have bows with each type of limbs and cannot tell any difference in them. I tend to agree that the solids are likely better in that they have seemed to be a little more durable though.

Solid limbs for me.I never have been a speed freak when it comes to bows.
Splits are a LITTLE faster by design,more aerodynamic.
It's still hard for me to believe they can store as much energy as a solid limb.



Solid limbs here. I would rather trade a
little speed and keep the accuracy. Good topic, DKO.

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well, i have both, 2 different bows 1 split limb solo cam and 1 solid limb dual cam both made by high country both with 31" draw length and both @68lbs draw weight and they are worlds apart! im NOT AT ALL satisfied with the performance of the split limb solo cam.i have seen numerous problems with split limbs from wheel/cam canting to individual limb twisting and delamination due to inadequate surface area. The number one factor is what Chambo pointed out about its inability to store energy which is the limbs job and is crucial to performance, also the reduced weight equates to more torque on the bow which makes accurate arrow placement more difficult to achieve and maintain.

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DKO, what model is your HC with the dual cams? I shoot an excaliber at 65 lbs. I think it is a 97 model. It was the last excaliber model produced. I like the way it shoots but, I hate the noise. I have put limb savers, string silencers, and stabilizer on it and it is still loud. Is yours very loud?
MB, my dual cam is a SAFARI its an older bow i bought it in 1988 when it was brand new and winning all the 3d shoots at that time!,it has phantom cams which is more of a wheel than a cam so it isnt very radical and mine is pretty quiet! my solo cam is MAX FORCE MX-1 with the mathews cam and split limbs and its pretty quiet!

MB can you tell where the noise is commin from and what kind of arrow shafts do you shoot?? alot of times quivers,site brakets and arrow rests can generate noise form torque and vibration also arrows that are to light can create additional noise thats difficult to locate! the more radical the cam (ex. H.C. Hatchet cam) the noiseier it will be!

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I personally think the split limb is far more hype than anything. That is not to say they are bad, I just don't think it has any substantial benefit.

I shoot a solid limb, single cam bow. The PSE Durango, and I absolutely love it. Smooth and quiet.

The only merits I see in split limbs is a marginal increase in speed and a reduction in weight. So if that is what you are looking for in a bow, get you a split limb. Heck, mine doesn't even have an alum. riser!! I shoot a Martin Cougar Speed Flite, @ 76# it shoots about 250fps. Not sure how much the arrow weighs, but this is one of the quietest bows I have ever been around.