Speaking of big bear.


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Here is a bear my budys dads friend shot Last Fri............


I'm not one to call BS on my friend... BUt here is the stats .......

Heres a picture of a bear Rick shot Friday evening. Squared 8.5 feet and Skull was over 27".

Regardless... FUGGIN HUGMOUNGOUS !!!!
now thats a bar !!!!! sheeeeeeit that sucker is big!!!:D:D
....call the museum......someone messed up......that's not a bear........it's a woolly MAMMOTH that missed a few manicures!!!
YES! A Kodiak brown bear taken in Idaho! That's gotta be a first. :D

Beauty of a bear!
Congrats to your buddies, dads, friend!!!

Very nice pics ;)

Now how do ya find out bout these "canned" bear hunts???
First off... I don't shoot bears like that cuz We can't shoot brown bears in Idaho

I thought it was a black bear first....... He had to tel me it wasn't .... Dohhhhh...

But, After some responses (Except friggin Greenyhorns) I think a few others thought the same ?!?!?!! :D

If I was to guess,... I'd guess it at 478.23457 #'s (Plus or minus a tenth ;))
Will we get to hear about the hunt? I guess your friend quit hunting Idaho bear huh. Maybe you have more than one friend who hunts bears, who would have thought of that? Not me, eh?

Thats a nice bear. I hope we get a story coming in!
8 1/2' isn't all that big for a brown bear... But I tell ya what, Sure looks big :eek:

I'll try to weasle out the story. I've only heard one thus far.. It included 32 stabs after chasing it down and something about 2,567 #'s .. .Like I say, I'm not one to call BS on a story.. but... ;)
8 1/2 feet not that big?? Come on Moosie, are you on those guys who wants the 10 footer or nothing? :D

Thats a real nice bear, and you're right, 8 1/2 isn't a giant, but the first thing that caught my eye was the claws. Holy crap, he's got some diggers. I would have shot that bear in a heart beat.

The average size brown bear taken in Alaska is 8'. So that means that for every 9 footer that's shot there is a 7 footer to average things out. I could tell you stories about guys holding out for the 10 footer, turning down bears in the 9 foot range, then when the hunt's almost over shoot one that's about 8. But I won't. ;)

Really enjoy the forum here you guys. Don't know why I waited so long. Just so everybody knows, I am a guide up here. With that said, I love to talk about hunting, and like to help folks who want to know about hunting Alaska, so feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about anything related to hunting up here. I'm not trying to sell hunts here, but will gladly point you in the right direction. have a good weekend. We're doing the family halibut trip. Gotta love catching a fish so big you have to shoot it with a .410. :eek:
ALASKAN.. GET FUGGIN REAL.. I shoot 4 1/2 foot Idaho bears.. you don't think I'll shoot a 8' Alaska bear
and a 26+" skull.... WOW.. 26 in book if I'm right ?!?!?

HHA.. so to answer your question, I'd shoot in a heart beat
You know averages.. I think we're getting a lesson from Greenhorn, Tom, and Elkhunter :eek:

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